About Us

Hey Everyone!

My name is Naomi Miller and I appreciate you joining us on How To Start A Garden today. I wanted to share a little about myself and my goal for this online resource.

​I got into gardening when I was in High School as a way to connect with my parents who were avid gardeners. They would spend their nights and weekends in our backyards planting and tending to our garden. I found that is was a relaxing way to get my hands dirty and get outside. It is amazing how much time I spent inside on the computer or watching TV and helping plant and harvest our garden gave me an appreciation for nature that I fear many people are missing.

I built this online resource to help all ages and skill levels learn about gardening and improve their techniques, knowledge, or the products that they use at home. I will continue to publish information frequently and I ask that you participate in the conversations and teach me something from your experience as well.

Enjoy my site!