How to Start a Garden Club

As an avid gardener, you would want to have some ways to meet up with a fellow gardener who can help you with problems concerning your garden. What better way to have such an opportunity that learning how to start a garden club of your own.

How to start a garden club: Step by step

It may be a challenge to get you into such a great task like learning how to start a garden club. So here are things you should do to make it things a little bit easier for you.

  1. To start your own garden club, you start by inviting fellow garden aficionados who share the same interest with you. There are a lot of ways for you to invite other people. You can send invites via your mobile phone using the SMS feature or simply by calling anyone you know who has interest of joining you. Flyers, e-mails and a lot more can be your method to make people notice that you are starting your own club.
  2. Plan the date for you very first meeting. You need to verify amongst the people you have invited their availability on the chosen date.
  3. Find the best location for all your future members. You can have it in your home, restaurant, hotel or anywhere else that can easily be accessed by everyone from the group.
  4. Don’t forget to include any kind of refreshment or food that you can serve to your guests. It should depend appropriately on the time you have decided for your meeting. You can have snacks offering canapés, punch or juice or over the main course of a meal in a day.
  5. During the first meeting, make it the first agenda to set a regular date and time where you all can meet. The location should also be discussed. Decide among yourselves on how frequent you would like to meet. It can be set on a weekly or monthly basis. It would be a good idea to assign a single person to coordinate with every member of the group for every meeting.
  6. Next, you will have to decide on what your club will be about. You can talk about various activities you can do as a group or things that you would like to share among yourselves. You can also discuss the name of the club if want. The name should reflect how your club will be and everything it will be doing in the future.

How to start a garden club: Making it worthwhile

You may have various reasons on why you want to learn how to start a garden club. Interests may vary but there is still that common thing you share and that is gardening. As each member is different, this can open new doors that you can make use in your very own garden. A garden club brings together fellow gardeners whom you can open up to with regards to any concerns with your garden. This can strengthen your knowledge and your friendship as well.