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The Best Garden Hoes In 2016

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A garden hoe is one of the most basic tools you can find for gardening and landscaping. The right one can make difficult jobs much simpler, saving you time, money, and effort. When you do a gardening or landscaping job, you want it done right the first time. Choosing the best garden hoe can really help you with this.

The wrong garden hoe can lead to extra work and overall frustration. Not to mention, it can do serious damage to your neck and back if you’re not being careful. This leads to doctor’s appointments, extra bills, and pain that will keep you from getting your outdoor projects done.

When it comes to gardening and landscaping, choosing the right garden hoe is essential. However, it can be surprisingly difficult. The market is full of different types of garden hoes for different jobs, and each one claims to be the best. It can get overwhelming when trying to choose one. I’ve compiled a list of the best garden hoes of 2016 to help you in the decision-making process.

Different Types Of Garden Hoes

Many people think all garden hoes are exactly the same, but there are actually several different types. If you’re still using a traditional hoe, it might be time to consider a newer style. The kind of garden hoe you choose will largely depend on what kind of work you’re planning on doing.

Draw Hoes

A draw hoe is a traditional hoe. They generally have a wide blade attached to the handle at a right angle and are used by pulling through the soil and using a chopping motion. A draw hoe is good for digging up soil, making mounds, and pulling out weeds. Primarily, though, they are used to prepare the soil for transplanting or seeding.

Draw hoes can be long-handled or short-handled, which gives you the choice of standing or kneeling while you get your work done. Recently, companies have started making more lightweight versions of draw hoes for those who are planning on using them for extended periods of time, which is kinder to your muscles.

Additionally, some companies have been utilizing shock-absorbent steel, so if you happen to hit something hard, it won’t reverberate through your arms. This steel is also better for durability, making for a longer-lasting hoe.

Warren Hoe

A warren hoe is probably the second most common type of garden hoe. They are similar to a draw hoe, in that the blade is attached to the handle at a ninety-degree angle and are used by pulling backward through the soil and using a chopping motion. However, the blade of a warren hoe is triangular in shape. This type of hoe is best used for digging furrows and dislodging difficult weeds.

Warren hoes are great for tight, hard-to-reach areas. Typically, they are made with long handles, but it’s possible to find a short-handled one if that’s what you prefer. However, short-handled warren hoes generally have much sharper and angular blade.

Both long-handled and short-handled warren hoes are perfect for chopping and removing those extra tough weeds. The sharp, angled blade combined with a chopping motion, cuts up the roots while the flat part of the blade pulls them out of the way, so you can plant your seeds.

Scuffle Hoes

A scuffle hoe is used by pushing and pulling, called scuffling, just beneath the soil line. The blades can be various shapes, though the most common are diamond or triangle. All edges of the blades are sharpened, which is why the scuffling motion works so well.

The blade is attached to the handle at an angle designed to keep you in an upright position, which is much easier on your back. Although the majority of scuffle hoes use a long handle, it’s possible to find a short-handled one if that’s what you prefer.

Scuffle hoes work best in shallow, somewhat loose, and dry soil. They are designed to cut the roots of existing weeds, as well as weeds that have not yet emerged. As an added plus, scuffle hoes stir up a layer of dust, which suffocates future weeds and keeps them from germinating.

Hula Hoes

Hula hoes are designed for weeding. The blade has a little give to it, so the hoe can be used in both a forward and backward motion. This give is what creates the hula wiggle that gives the hoe its name. The unique shape of the blade is similar to that of a stirrup on a saddle, which is why they are also sometimes called stirrup hoes.

The blade is positioned to skim horizontally under the surface of the soil, which cuts through the roots of weeds without disturbing the soil. This makes it safe and easy to use the hoe around plants without damaging them.

The hula hoe is ideal for dealing with the tiny weeds that often get overlooked when weeding by hand. These tiny weeds can grow into a big problem, so this type of hoe can end up saving you work in the long term.

Common Garden Hoe Brands

Recently, more and more companies are creating their own brands of garden hoes. However, there are still a few brands that stick out from the rest. Time after time, these brands have proven their worth when it comes to the garden hoe industry.


Prohoe manufacturing is a family-owned business that operates out of Munden, Kansas. They specialize in garden tools and offer a top-notch selection of garden hoes. All of their tools are made from recycled agricultural disc blades, providing the highest quality steel.

The Prohoe Rogue garden hoe line is one of the best on the market. They offer garden hoes of every shape and size, from scuffle hoes to multifunctional hoes. The garden hoes are designed to cut down on the amount of time required to finish the job, giving you more free time. They also have the perfect weight to help you cut through weeds and roots without wearing you out.


Flexrake has been a family-owned and operated company since 1945. They specialize in lawn and gardening tools, as well as offering clean-up tools for pets. All of their tools are made in Temple City, California from a unique metal composition developed by the company’s founder.

​Flexrake offers a variety of garden hoes. They also offer both long-handled and short-handled rakes, depending on your preference. Their garden hoes are designed for easy use and to cut down on the amount of backbreaking work required for garden maintenance.

Bully Tools

Bully Tools is a company that operates out of Steubenville, Ohio. They are dedicated to manufacturing 100% American made tools in-house. With over two hundred products, this company has established itself as a leader in the gardening and landscaping industries.

Bully Tools offers long-handled garden hoes, but not short-handled ones. All of their handles are made out of fiberglass for added durability and a lighter feel. This is better for all of your muscles and will allow you to work for a longer period of time.

Bully Tools has far fewer garden hoe options than other leading brands, but the quality makes up for lack of quantity. They offer quality-made tools at low prices. Their tools also come with a lifetime warranty.


​Corona is a worldwide company that was founded in the 1920s in Corona, California. For years, it has been a leader in manufacturing lawn and garden tools. They offer high quality, performance tools and pride themselves on their excellent engineering and manufacturing.

Corona has an extensive array of tools, including several types of garden hoes. Their garden hoes range from a basic model to a combination model. They offer both long-handled and short-handled garden hoes. They also offer tools with extendable handles, so you only need to buy one tool.

Corona uses carbon steel to make strong blades that are easily sharpened. They have a long tradition of creating quality tools and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience all around.

5 Best Garden Hoes

If you spend a lot of time in your garden, you’re going to want a garden hoe that will work as hard as you do. Reliability is important for garden tools. They should make your life and your gardening easier.

Once you know what kind of gardening hoe you need, finding the right one can be easy. Asking fellow gardeners and reading online reviews can help you streamline this process. The following are the five best garden hoes of 2016, according to customer reviews.

Prohoe Field Hoe

Prohoe Field Hoes

The Prohoe Field Hoe is a draw hoe with a wide seven-inch blade. The blade is made from recycled agricultural disc blades, giving it long-lasting durability. It is welded directly to the head, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking off. It is sharpened on three sides, and also has self-sharpening abilities, saving you time and energy.

This is a heavy-duty hoe that can easily tackle any gardening or landscaping job you throw at it. The blade can handle chopping through roots up to one inch thick. This hoe is great for breaking up sod and clearing waste, as well as other gardening jobs.

The Prohoe Field Hoe has a sixty-inch wooden handle. It weighs around 4.3 pounds, which is on the heavier side. However, this weight gives it a good heftiness for tougher gardening jobs.

Current Price: $

Prohoe Rogue Garden Hoe

Prohoe Rogue

The Prohoe Rogue Garden Hoe is very similar to the field hoe, but still, deserves its own spot on this list. Like the field hoe, it has a seven-inch blade made from recycled agricultural discs. The blade is sharpened on three sides and is built to last.

This hoe is a professional-quality tool that is great for cutting and moving dirt. It can also be used to cut through tough weeds and small roots. It is designed to work in tight areas as well as wide areas, so you’ll only need the one tool.

The Prohoe Rogue Garden Hoe has a sixty-inch wooden handle and weighs around 2.7 pounds. The weight of this gardening hoe is great for performing tough jobs for an extended period of time without damaging your muscles.

Current Price: $

Flexrake Classic Flower And Vegetable Tiller

Flexrake CLA105 Classic

The Flexrake Classic Flower and Vegetable Tiller is a multifunctional garden tool. It has a two and three-eighths inch mattock blade, along with a three-prong fork. The blade is heat-treated for prolonged sharpness and strength.

This tool is made for digging in tough dirt and clearing out pesky weeds. The blade can also easily handle small roots. It is a short-handled tool meant for work in small areas.

The handle is made from hand-turned oak and measures thirteen inches in length. It has a comfortable no-slip grip to help prevent your hand from tiring out. It weighs around 10.6 ounces, so it’s easy to manage and won’t leave you feeling exhausted.

Current Price: $

Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe

Tomita Japanese Hoe

The Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe has a four-inch blade sharpened to a point. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel and built for durability. It is beveled on one side, so it cuts as well as a knife.

This tool is excellent for digging deep furrows and preparing your garden for planting. The sharp, pointed blade is capable of hacking through weeds, roots, and grass. It can be used in any type of soil.

Made to be used while sitting or kneeling, this hoe has a short handle measuring fifteen inches long. The handle is made from polymer, so the hoe is lightweight (about 4.6 ounces) and easy to use. A metal ring has been attached to the end for easy storage.

Current Price: $

Bully Tools Garden Hoe

Bully Tools 92353

The Bully Tools Garden Hoe has a six and one-half inch blade made from durable 12-gauge steel. The blade is made to handle heavy-duty jobs while retaining its sharp edge.

This hoe is designed to pull soil on top of freshly planted seeds. It’s also excellent for harvesting vegetables that grow under the ground, such as potatoes. It will make your basic gardening jobs simple and enjoyable.

The hoe has a long handle measuring fifty-six inches. It is made from reinforced fiberglass for added durability. It’s a heavier hoe, weighing around 6.4 pounds. This weight gives the hoe a serious heft, which is great when you’re using it to chop through weeds. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty if any issues arise.

Current Price: $

Other Noteworthy Gardening Hoes

Fiskars Long-Handle

Fiskars Long-Handle Aluminum Hoe

Current Price: $

Corona Clipper SH61000

Corona Clipper Diamond Hoe

Current Price: $

Nejiri Gama Hoe

Nejiri Gama Hoe

Current Price: $

Truper 33119

Truper Tru Pro Forged Eye Hoe

Current Price: $

Flexrake 1000L

Flexrake Hula-Ho Weeder Cultivator

Current Price: $

Features Any Gardening Hoe Must Have 

Whether you’re a casual gardener or a trained professional, a gardening hoe is a very important tool. There are a few features any worthwhile hoe will have.

  • Blade: The blade is the single most important feature of a garden hoe. If the blade isn’t sharp, it won’t be effective. Blades should be made from quality steel that will stand up to even the toughest jobs. They need to be sharp and large enough to keep your workload low. A good blade will stay sharp for an extended period of time without requiring extra work on your part.
  • Handle. The handle on your garden hoe should be solid and easy to hold on to. When you use a chopping motion, you want a handle that won’t break. The handle should also be lightweight, so you don’t have to struggle to use it.
  • Versatility. A great garden hoe offers the ability to perform various gardening and landscaping jobs without having to constantly switch tools. It should be able to handle weeding, digging, and prepping your garden for planting. A good hoe will help you accomplish multiple outdoor projects.


The garden hoe market is flooded with cheaply made products. Sifting through these to find the quality ones can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. A great place to start would be to read up on some reviews to see what other gardeners have to say.

If you’re a gardener, you know how important having the right tools can be. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything sub-par. For something that will get a lot of use, it’s best to take your time to find the best garden hoe for you.

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