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Italian Herb Garden Delights

Italian food contains some of the world’s most popular flavors that come straight from an Italian herb garden. There is a wide variety to choose from.

Care of Bonsai Trees – Quick Start Guide

The quickest way to get started on what hopefully will be years of pleasure from the growing and care of bonsai trees is to buy a plant that has already been potted. However there are some things to watch out for to ensure you get a bonsai tree that is healthy and unlikely to give you trouble from the word go.

Mimosa – A Sensitive Plant

The Bashful Briar (Mimosa pudica)- Sensitive Mimosa species is native to South America and Central America. It is often grown as a popular ornamental for its curiosity factor.

Container Gardening – Tips For Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can alter a landscape significantly dependent on the array and color found within it. Even the air could be scented with a herbal hanging basket!

What Should Go in Your Composter

There are many different things that can go in your composter. Read the rest to learn more.

Have You Added the Savory Plant to Your Herb Garden?

Although the herb savory is little known today, it is one of the earliest herbs recorded and used. Savory is a native plant of southern Europe. Besides using savory in meat stews for flavoring, the Romans considered savory an aphrodisiac.

Composting – Alternative Methods

Composting usually requires space for a compost pile and the time to maintain it. There are several good alternatives to standard composting that work for the busy homeowner or apartment dweller. If this is you and you are interested in decreasing your carbon footprint one of these methods may work for you.

Don’t Stress Out, Get Yourself an Herb Garden Kit

We know what you’re thinking – creating your own herb garden is stressful! After all, think of all the stooping, assembling and firming you will have to do. Don’t make excuses! If you want your very own herbal garden you can have one-and it won’t be as complicated or frustrating as you think. Oh sure, we can imagine how gardening the old fashioned way can be a headache. Thanks to the invention of the herb garden kit though, you can drain away all that stress and create your own garden in less than 30 minutes. The idea is that it assembles all of the ingredients you need it one easy-to-use kit.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Herbs

Why should any body grow herbs these days? Well there are many reasons which when combined should mean that everybody should be growing their own herbs within little herb gardens outside or inside, in pots or flower beds and with as many or as few as they want.

Caring For Orchids – 10 Tips to Help Your Plants Thrive

Caring for orchids requires some degree of patience and special attention to the needs of this delicate plant. You will likely hear many different things when you announce that you are planning to grow orchids. Don’t let some of the things you hear scare you and make you think twice about orchids, and don’t give up before you even get started.

Orchid Care – The Orchid and It’s Care

The orchid is known to be one of the most difficult flowers to grow on your own without the advantage of a greenhouse. The orchid is a delicately beautiful flowering plant that comes in a variety of colors, which include pink, purple, yellow, orange and white. Caring for orchids takes time and patient. Orchid care involves just the right soil, lighting and temperature.

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