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Hydroponics Growing Systems That Are Great For Beginners

How does extending your growing system from a few months to all year round sound? Wouldn’t it be nice to have fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter. If you answered yes to both of these questions then one of the many hydroponics growing systems could be just the thing for you.

The Absence of Soil, Temperature, and Water – All Important Factors in a Hydroponic System

There are various factors you need to take into consideration for the best productivity of your plants in a hydroponic garden system. These factors are: absence of soil, temperature, and water. Absence of Soil Soil is never a good factor for a hydroponic garden.

The Problem With Traditional Vegetable Gardening?

Traditional vegetable gardens require an enormous amount of hard work and attention – weeding, feeding and strict planting schedules. There is also the problem of seasonality, allowing beds to rest during the cooler months producing nothing at all. Then we are told to plant green manure crops, add inorganic fertilizers and chemicals to adjust imbalanced soils.

3 Tips in Vegetable Landscaping

Vegetable landscaping is usually a fairly big task, consuming much time and energy. But before you hire that professional, here are some tips that could save both time and money.

Portable Greenhouse Gardening is Affordable and Fun

Ahh, the joys of greenhouse gardening. If you love gardening for the moments of quietness it brings, then you know about the gardening withdrawals you can experience with dreaded winter downtime.

How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden

When starting a vegetable garden, one of the most important initial steps you must get right is planning your garden. Take a bit of time to think of where you wish to have your vegetable garden, its direction, how you will plant your vegetables etc.

Our Bees Are Missing?

Scientists and bee keepers around the world are still unsure why the bees are disappearing at such an alarming rate. Can we do anything to help?

Tips on Planting a Vegetable Garden

Planting a vegetable garden not only reaps many tasty rewards, but it also saves lots of money at the grocery store, too! One of the most important aspects of maintaining a thriving vegetable garden is making sure you use high quality topsoil in the appropriate quantities. Using a topsoil calculator can make the job of planning your next vegetable garden easy and can ensure that you have just the right amount of topsoil to grow a vibrant and healthy vegetable garden! Here are tips for making the most of your vegetable garden.

Why Organic Soil is Important For a Healthy Tomato Crop

It is all in the soil, as they say, because growing organic tomatoes is a challenge because any tomato attracts a lot of insects and problems. There is no way you can hope to achieve a high yield organic tomato crop without healthy soil as a base. Healthy soil is nutrient rich organic soil and it has good drainage, but it should also hold water.

Cultivating Soil For Growing Vegetables

As far as growing vegetables is concerned, there are three possible types of soil, loamy, clayey and sandy. Chances are the soil in your vegetable garden is a mixture of some or all three types. This article explains how to get yours right for planting.

Protecting Shrubs and Trees From Grass and Lawns

It’s happened to many gardeners who simply just don’t see it coming. Sometimes grass, which can go towards making our green spaces look simply gorgeous, can kill. Particularly, it can kill young shrubs and trees that are simply not strong enough to fend for themselves against this wild, spreading plant.

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