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Gardening in February – Preparing For Spring

Many amateur gardeners see the winter as a time to take respite from their garden, away from the cold and wet weather that freezes our hands and damages our plants. After all, what is the point in spending our time and efforts in the garden if Jack Frost is going to take it all away in one harsh, cold night? In actuality, gardening in winter is crucial if you want to keep your garden healthy throughout the year.

Thai Basil Growing Tips

Thai basil is by far a favorite of gardeners everywhere. Colorful, fragrant, tasty and ornamental, they add much to your tastiest dishes and the beauty of your garden, alike. Learn how to grow, harvest and use this herb in your own garden.

The Ficus Bonsai – The Adaptable and Ever Lenient Bonsai

The Ficus bonsai, is a hugely popular bonsai tree species that is extremely tolerant of over-watering, low light conditions and beginner’s mistakes. You may know it by its other more common name, the fig tree. Some other features are its surface roots and aerial roots which hang down from its branches, giving the tree an interesting look.

Early Spring Pond Tips

Spring is rapidly approaching your pond. You may be enjoying the view of the crisp spring sunrises shining on your winterized pond or project. This is a time for action.

Growing Mushrooms Successfully Enough to Share With Your Friends and Acquaintances

Mushroom growing on a small scale is relatively easy, as everyone knows. All you need is a little growth medium and some spores, and the mushrooms virtually grow themselves. These days you even have kits which allow you to grow mushrooms even more easily

Kickstart Your Flower Garden With These Flowering Plants

Flower gardens bring in the beauty, freshness and positivity into the surroundings. Flowery gardens are full of blossoming flowers of vibrant colors to give your garden a welcoming look. There are various patterns and shapes in which gardens are designed. These garden ideas are often made in consideration with growing challenges of the area.

What Is a Perennial Plant?

A perennial plant will generally live for 3 or more growing seasons. Perennial bulbs are often planted in fall for growth in the coming spring. Container grown perennials can be planted throughout the year, but are most commonly planted in spring, summer and early fall as young plants.

The 7 Most Dependable Plants For Your Garden

Hardy, dependable plants are those that once established can withstand the many factors that happen with gardening. While they may not be completely drought tolerant, they can tolerate certain levels of no supplemental watering and hot, humid summer temperatures.

Comparing Annual Plants to Perennial Plants

Before you start your plans for creating a dream garden, it’s good to understand the key differences between perennial plants and annual plants to make the most out of them. To put it simply annual plants are those that live for just one season. These kinds of plants will sprout, flower, seed and eventually die within the same year.

Deer Resistant Plants That You May Not Think About

The deer damage your gardening by eating the recent growth on your shrub. The sprays do not work well on deer and therefore it is advised to plant deer resistant plants in your garden area.

Desert Gardening and Landscaping – Adding Beauty to The Home Garden

Desert gardening is a great idea for all sorts of landscape structures including your home garden. The desert plants can survive on minimal watering and extreme climatic adversities.

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