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Six Best Culinary Herbs for Cooking

Freshly picked culinary herbs add flavour to food and many are delicious additions to salads. Edible herb flowers such as pot marigold, nasturtium and rosemary can also be added to the salad bowl. Many culinary herbs are rich in vitamins and minerals and when freshly picked and eaten raw they can form part of a well-balanced diet. Raw herbs can also be used to add flavour to oils and vinegars for cooking and for salads.

Level-Up Your Compost With Bokashi Composting

There is always something new coming out; giving the older ways and products a run for their money. If composting is your cup of tea, you may consider adding some of the new innovation into your composting portfolio. There are a number of new techniques a compost-person can insert into their routine, including bokashi composting; a Japanese import that flips the regular composting process upside down.

What Are Instant Hedges?

An instant hedge makes the perfect addition to any garden and is ideal for people who are creating a garden from scratch or redesigning their garden and want immediate results. The great thing about these hedges is that have already been grown, which means that they create an impact as soon as they are planted. Instant hedges make an excellent addition to a garden for a number of different reasons.

Growing Melons From Seed

Humans have been cultivating and enjoying melons for over 4000 years! These delicious fruits are thought to have originated in the hot valleys of southwest Asia, but can now be grown just about anywhere with long, warm summers. All melons are part of the Cucurbitaceae family which is subdivided into hundreds of genera including cucumbers, gourds, pumpkins, and squash.

Great Seed Starting Project for Kids

Are you looking to get your kids into vegetable gardening? If so here is a great activity I do with my own sons and they absolutely loved it. It’s fun for them, easy for you and not messy. Best of all it will get kids of all ages excited about growing their own fruits and veggies!

Hydroponic Strawberries Are Bigger And Taste Better

Gardening the hydroponic way produces the tastiest and plumpest strawberries. This can be the best system of growing strawberries if the right set up is used. Strawberries do not like wet feet so using a suitable hydroponic system provides the best environment for growing conditions.

Using Garden Stools to Add Culture and Character to Your Home

How many times have you visited someone’s home and thought, “this place looks familiar.” From the standard granite and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, to the tried and true beige Pottery Barn sofa, our homes can easily turn into boring look-alikes devoid of any unique, differentiating design elements.

Gardening For Health and Fun Organically

Gardening for health and fun can open a new world for you and your family. Whether you are driven by concern for the health of your family or you want to lower your food bill organic gardening is the way to go.

How To Plant Peas

Do you want to learn how to plant peas? The secret to planting peas is in the preparation. Peas are real tasty, but they lose quality fast in the heat of the summer. So, it is ideal to get an early start when you are planting peas.

Propagating Summer Vegetables

Don’t spend money on seeds – propagate your own seeds from your favourite summer vegetables so you can have free salads next year! Learn how to propagate tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum and rocket in simple, easy to follow steps.

Highlighting Your Garden With Solar Accent Lights

Enjoy your garden long after the sun has set by installing solar accent lights in your garden and around your patio. Highlight special features in your garden and create a more inviting atmosphere for your evening enjoyment.

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