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Removing Pond Weeds and Aquatic Plants in Ponds and Lakes

Aquatic plants are beneficial for ecosystem as they are a source of food, shelter and oxygen to the wildlife living in the pond. But they spread quickly and can restrict the activities in the Pond. A lot of ponds gets practically ruined by aquatic plants, these ponds literally choke the pond.

Enjoying Garden Decorations

Garden decorations add a lot of beauty and value to any home. By incorporating fountains, statues, windmill spinners, or other like items, the garden or patio will become much more inviting and enjoyable.

The Garden As Spring Begins

Prune shrubs that flowered in Winter/Spring as they finish. This includes pruning natives such as callistemons, grevilleas, and even wattles. This not only encourages an attractively shaped dense bush with more flowers next time (and low, where you can see them), but prevents the plant wasting energy on the production on fruit and seeds.

Backyard Reading Garden

Have you ever wondered how to take your love for reading and combine it with a love for the outdoors and garden? Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a grandparent, or simply have a childlike heart, creating a backyard reading garden may be a perfect weekend project for you!

Controlling Watermeal Weeds: Tips for Managing Watermeal in Ponds

Many of you would not know that Watermeal holds the unique position as world’s smallest flowering plant. It’s also the most troublesome pond weed that exist around the world. Watermeal weeds are 1 to 1 1/2 millimeter long, small grain-like plant is commonly found embedded in the pond.

Choosing the Best Vegetable Seeds for Your Garden

People can find enjoyment in a vegetable garden during the summer. This project also allows them to make their land more productive. The best vegetable seeds to choose should be based on factors like available space, vegetables that are suitable for the specific land, and personal preferences.

What to Know to Maintain a Healthy Garden

When the sunflowers are in full bloom, you know it is time to plant your fall garden. Some of the vegetables are great for the fall like Kohlrabi, beets, carrots, endive, lettuces, broccoli and spinach. In this post, I am going to start with carrots.

Gardening Can Be For The Birds!

Gardens are not just about plants. Birds, bees and other pollinators are an important part of the plan. Here’s how every garden can have a few trees or shrubs that make the birds happy without sacrificing design or the low maintenance aspect that many of us prefer.

What It Means To Me To Be A Landscape Designer

The joys of working as a Landscape Designer stem from helping people with something that I know and love, gardening. I even get attached to the gardens I help create. There are many benefits to working with a professional when it comes to your Landscape Design. If your designer creates a plant that saves you money and loves what they do, you will get great results.

Bees: What’s All The Buzz About?

Bee keepers and environmentalists have noticed a slow decline of honey bees and other pollinators in recent years. Chemically treated crops are reducing the effectiveness of pollinators due to the use of insecticides that kill them or severely decrease their effectiveness. Government regulations are changing to reduce the use of harmful chemicals which is important to the bees, our food and ultimately our health.

Where Do Mosquitoes Hide? Mosquito Control and Protection Basics

When controlling mosquitoes, first ask yourself “where do mosquitoes hide?” Where are they all when they are not biting you? By understanding their habitat, you will find it easier to control them by means of an initial zapping session, followed by the continuous control offered by a mosquito misting system. Know your enemy!

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