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Oriental Poppies – How to Nurture Self Sown Plants

Many of the annual specimens of poppy are known to easily self seed but it isn’t always something that Oriental poppies are recognised for. At the end of the summer season many Papaver somniferum, Papaver paeoniflorum and Papaver laciniatum varieties will drop their petals, creating gorgeous ripe pods and offering hundreds of seeds for you to collect. However, Oriental poppies are not often propagated in this way, partly because they flower and then die back mid gardening season. This means that pods aren’t normally allowed to ripen as there is too much else going on in the garden.

Poppy Flower Seeds – Late Planting for Papaver Somniferum

Growing poppy flower seeds is a interesting and enjoyable hobby and you can easily germinate seeds at home. Some of the best times to propagate new plants is in the early fall or spring. Sowing in the fall allows you to get a few healthy plants ready for the next season, offering early blooms and color before many other plants may have developed. Meanwhile, spring is the traditional time to plant poppy flower seeds, with the warmer weather bringing poppies to life very quickly. However, you can plant Papaver somniferum seeds right up until the early summer, so don’t despair if you’ve forgotten to get your seeds going.

Poppy Seeds – California Poppy Rosa Romantica

There are an enormous range of California poppy seeds for you to enjoy, and filling your garden with as many specimens as possible can turn into a great hobby. Beautiful white varieties such as White Linen offer an early bloom to the garden in spring, whilst vibrant Jelly Beans gives a host of hues to excite borders with explosive color. But one of the loveliest varieties is that of the serenely named Rosa romantica.

Vegetable Care – Keeping Your Vegetables Healthy

You’ve gathered your seeds and seedlings and tilled the soil for your garden. Now it’s time to plant and move forward in effective vegetable care for a vibrant garden. There are some natural enemies to outdoor gardens, the first of which is weeds.

Planting Vegetables in Your Home Garden

Step one to successfully planting vegetables is looking at your space with a critical eye. It may not be practical to use a 10′ x 10′ or 20′ x 20′ space, in which case you’ll want to consider container gardening for your crop. You can move the containers for your chosen vegetables so they receive enough light daily, and you can pick out decorative ones that add more visual appeal to your gardening effort.

Poppy Seeds – Try Something Different With the Atlantic Poppy

There is an enormous range of poppy seeds to fill your garden with. You can try the stunning Oriental poppies which will come up year after year and require very little work to keep them thriving. Alternatively California poppies can be used to fill pots and baskets, causing a cascade of flowers which will last throughout any gardening season. However, if you want to try something different for once, then the Atlantic poppy is a little gem of a plant.

Poppy Seeds – Meconopsis Poppies Are A Garden Challenge

Most poppy seeds are incredibly easy to grow and after sowing them they will quickly start to germinate. For many gardeners this may be ideal and if you want to fill your garden with color with as little work as possible then varieties of Papaver somniferum, California poppy and Papaver laciniatum are great. However, if you’re an experienced gardener and wanting something a little more challenging then turning your hand to growing the rare Meconopsis poppy could be the ideal place to start.

Poppies – Why Staking Is Important

To get the best from poppies it is often important to go further than simply growing seeds and popping plants into your gardens. Whilst poppy seeds will grow very well in a huge variety of aspects and garden environments some species will need a little more care and attention so that you can enjoy the best that they have to offer. And for certain poppies it is important to remember to stake plants.

Poppy Flower Seeds – When to Sow Your Poppy Plants

There are a fantastic range of poppy flower seeds that you can fill your garden with, ranging from beautiful annual specimens to varieties of perennials that will come up year after year and dazzle you with vibrant color. Growing many of these plants is very easy and you can easily grow healthy and strong specimens from poppy seeds at home. However, there are a few times of the year when sowing will have the best results.

Acidic or Alkaline – The Mystery Of Soil pH

The pH range runs from 0 -14, 7 being neutral. This range expresses the degree of acidity or alkalinity in soil by measuring the concentration of hydrogen ions. The more hydrogen ions there are, the more acidic the soil will be.

Poppies Seeds – When and How to Harden Off Poppy Seedlings

One of the joys with poppies seeds is the ease in which you can grow your own plants at home. There’s nothing quite like sowing some seeds, watching them germinate and then nurturing them through to full flower for a little emotional reward. Whilst you can buy a multitude of plants at garden centers it isn’t quite the same as knowing that, from tiny poppies seeds, you’ve grown an entire garden of color.

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