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Xeriscaping Techniques For Dry Conditions

Gardening has many levels and limitations. Your level of expertise depends on the number of years you have been gardening. But your limitations are directly affected by your particular area of the world.

Vegetable Garden Layout – The Potager Kitchen Garden (Or Flowers in Your Vegetable Beds)

Would you like to grow your own fresh vegetables at home in a vegetable garden layout which is attractive as well as productive? A potager kitchen garden is a vegetable garden in which there is a delightful mix of vegetables, herbs, flowers and perhaps even a fruit tree or two. Get some ideas here for planning your own potager design.

Cotton Burr Compost, is it America’s Best Compost?

Only a few consultants are endorsed by and associated with the Soil Food web, one of which is Ms. Jennifer Appel. When interviewed about the efficacy of cotton burr compost, Ms. Appel told me that, “cotton burr compost is head and shoulders above any other compost.” “cotton is a very heavy feeder, absorbing vast amounts of nutrients from the soil as it grows and the bulk of the nutrients are located in the burr left over from the ginning process.”

Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer – How to Make Organic Seaweed Fertilizer Extract – Granules

Everything fertilizer companies would not want you to know. An organic fertilizer company worker blows the lid and reveals all, learn how to make your own fertilizer and its really easy too.

Latin Plant Names

One of the things that is off-putting for a novice gardener is the business of plant names. Any gardening programme on the TV or the radio seems to delight in giving plant names in latin. The speakers refer to latin forms of their favourite plant names which can switch off the amateur; “This can’t be for me I don’t understand Latin plant names…”. Don’t be intimidated!

Profit From Growing An Herb Garden

Growing an herb garden as a business venture requires only a minimal one-time investment. There are a lot of herb kits available out in the market today, but taking a trip to different herb gardens or checking out garden websites on the internet will help you save money. Herb kits are more expensive and less cost effective than buying would be some seeds, soil, fertilizer and maybe some containers. Growing herb garden is easy and there is a lot of helpful material that you can read to get started.

Thyme – The Culinary Herb

Thyme is definitely a user-friendly herb. It is easy to grow and likes poor,dry soil.

What Outdoor Garden Statues Will Fit Your Style?

Outdoor garden statues can be found in many different types. You can find just about anything that you want, and are pretty much limited only by your imagination.

Growing Summer Squash – 3 Common Questions and Their Answers

If you’re getting started with growing zucchini or other summer squash, you may have some questions. Here are a few of the most common questions about squash, and the answers.

Great Tips For Annual Flowers

Annual flowers grow, bloom, and die in one growing season. Here are some tips to help you find flowers that will be successful for our growing needs. Have a fun growing season!

Why Container Gardening?

Why container gardening? Perhaps you live in an apartment with nowhere to plant. Maybe you can no longer keep up with a large garden. Container gardening has been popular for decades.

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