‘Active Hostility Toward Climate Science’: Obama Bashes Gop For Blocking Climate Progress

Growth Influencing Factors

In conventional cultivation, plants are grown outdoors. Though plants get all the growth inputs outdoors, they are also exposed to pests, parasites and the vagaries of the elements. That is the way Mother Nature intended it to be. But man had different ideas. He learned to grow plants under simulated conditions in indoor grow rooms.

Things They Try To Get You To Buy

The things that people will try to get you to buy! I recently saw an ebook ‘Grow your own Square Watermelons’. Now really, a book telling you how to grow square watermelons, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes or just about any other fruit…..

Secret of a Green Thumb

Are you one of those people who say “I can’t get plants to grow”, “I can kill any plant” or something like “Every plant I touch dies”? Then read on. Conversely, how often have you heard some people described as being the opposite? “…Has a green thumb”, “…Has such good luck with plants”.

To Weed or Not to Weed

A constant battle of every gardener is the continual fight against weeds growing in the garden. Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t treat them as so much of an enemy of your normal garden.

Garden Sheds – How Do You Treat Yours?

Garden sheds aren’t just for storing things. They can provide many years of enjoyment and refuge when treated with the right kind of care and attention.

Growing Tomatoes, Tomato Seed to Harvesting in Simple Steps

Follow these step by step instructions to grow a variety of your favorite tomato plants to achieve heavy crops and excellent flavor. From descriptions of the different types of fruits available, through to sowing, plant care and harvesting. All the knowledge you need to successfully grow your own produce for you and your family.

Growing Orchids, Fearlessly

If you love orchids but are afraid growing them is too hard or too expensive, this article will help you overcome your fear. It contains helpful tips on choosing the best orchids for your home and raising them for years of beauty and pleasure.

The Unusual World of Roses – Believe it Or Not!

There is a charming story of a young couple who, on their wedding day, were given an unusual gift by their in-laws. The canal that encircled the town was filled with rose water so that the newly weds could watch the sunset through scented breezes as they floated along the canal. The hot afternoon sun caused the rose water to begin to evaporate and during this process, rose oil was separated from rose water. Thus, rose oil or “Attar” was discovered and the lucrative scent industry was born.

Autumn is Also Planning Time

As you pick your harvest and beam with pride, you are not quite done with the work of having a great garden. It is planning time – for next year. A few thoughts!

Do You Want to Know More About Natural Lawn Care?

Natural lawn care basics need to be learnt before you can really take care of your lawn. If you are looking for the healthiest way to take care of your lawn then natural lawn care products are just what you need.

Creating Flower Combinations in Your Garden

Flowers can be combined in gardens in a variety of interesting ways. Flowers can be arranged in layers, by color, in natural groupings or by time of bloom. Non-flowering plants and vegetables can be used to add foliage and structure. Some gardens are also created with smell in mind and contain flowers that give off fragrant perfume throughout the growing season.

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