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Popular Bird Feeders – Bird Feeder Poles

Bird Feeder Poles are in much demand by bird lovers the world over. They come in different pleasing colors and styles. If one has only limited space available for a backyard, choosing a bird feeder pole will be the ideal choice.

Miniature Roses – Choosing the Best Easy Care Miniature Roses For Your Home

If you love roses, but your garden is somewhat challenged for space, consider growing miniature roses. They are just as beautiful as normal sized roses, but take up less space. Here are our three favorite varieties, along with tips for choosing the best miniature roses for your garden.

Do it Yourself – Build a Pergola

A pergola is a shaded walkway or passageway which is primarily used in gardens. It is mostly made up of pillars with beams across the top and an open lattice on which vines are usually trained to run.

How to Plant a Rose Garden

Sometime during this year, you may choose to plant roses within your garden. A lot of opinions exist on how this should be done. Here is my own personal success story.

Tips to Grow Strawberries in Your Garden

Do you have the basic knowledge in growing strawberries? Learn the steps in this article.

Tomato Growing Tips – Pruning

There are several ways to prune your tomatoes. Learn the correct techniques to prune your garden for the biggest, juiciest tomatoes.

How to Find and Make Cages and Trellises For Staking Tomatoes

Tomato plants come in all shapes and sizes and most plants require support of some kind. For some tomato varieties a simple 4ft wooden stake will provide enough support. For the larger plants you will need something more substantial. We will look at the other two common structures that you can stake tomatoes of the larger varieties with – Cages and Trellises. Discover what is available in the marketplace and also how you can make your own if you have the practical means.

Growing Blackberries and Raspberries in Your Organic Garden

Grow a thriving crop of raspberries or blackberries in your organic garden. Easy organic methods of growing a healthy and productive crop.

Color Coordination Or Flower Power

So you like to decorate? You’re good at matching colors and coordinating the look of you interior designs? Then why are your outdoor plantings so lifeless and bland?

How Creating a Microclimate Will Help You Grow Any Type of Plant

A microclimate can be used in your garden when you want to grow plants in an environment where they don’t usually grow. Things that you can do include installing a fountain, setting up shaded area and blocking out the wind. These techniques will help you grow any type of plant no matter where you are.

Best Containers For Growing Herbs

The best containers for growing herbs are those that support the needs of your plants. Some plants like a dry soil and some like it wet. Making the right pot choices for your plants will keep the moisture level just right for them.

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