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How To Choose The Right Lawn Equipment

The size and terrain involved in mowing can dictate what type of lawn mowing products should be used also. Is the lawn merely 20ft by 20ft square on completely flat land or is it an acre made up of 20% flat land and 80% steep hill that has trees dotting the slope?

How Pruning Effects New Plant Growth

There are two types of pruning: Heading Back and Thinning out. When heading back, you are removing the terminal portion of twigs or shoots leaving the basal portion of the plant. Thinning out removes the entire twig or shoot.

Crafting Your Own Shed – What You Must Know

To start constructing a storage shed, clear and excavate the area and make sure the ground is flat and leveled. To support the foundation put down cinderblocks, then cut 4×4 pressure-treated posts with a saw. Set them up into position on top of the cinderblocks, and then make sure the posts are leveled properly.

Time To Plan Your Garden

Have you begun to think of your garden yet? Well you should because gardening is an all-year round activity. Just think of warm days, beautiful colour, even those tasty fruits and vegetables – You’ll soon begin to warm up.

Productive Vertical Farms for Urbanites With Green Thumbs

High rise gardening is the same as gardening anywhere, in that you need to provide your plants with light, water and nutrients for them to grow. If you use your balcony, patio or roof to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables you will have a supply of delicious edibles ready to eat at your convenience.

Nobody’s Park

Nobody took care of Nobody’s Park, including me. Until one day, on a whim, I just took up my hoe. Just to work on it a little at a time to get rid of all the weeds. I could always quit, right? Surprisingly how that little park has now become mine. Civic duty? Maybe. Just decided to do something good for no reason. Absolutely!

Are Some Crops Not Suited To Aquaponics

Most people are concerned about if they can grow root crops, like carrots and onions, in an aquaponic system. And if they can, how does that work. The answers may surprise you.

Benefits of Using a Lot of Compost in the Garden

The South African landscape is varied and diverse and this creates some serious challenges for the South African gardener to overcome. Some parts of the country have to deal with very sandy soil,some have too much clay, some have the nutrient poor red soil and some have very little soil at all. Whilst we do have vast areas of very fertile soil, this has, in many cases, seen depletion of the nutrient content due to over use with little being returned to the soil.

Add Luxury and Space to Your Home With a Beautiful Garden Room

Not all of us want to move home, but often, we are keen to create more space and enhance our homes so they grow and develop with us. One way to achieve this is to build a beautiful garden room, gazebo or pavilion in your garden.

Vegetable Garden Shade and Shelter

No vegetables will produce satisfactorily if subjected to heavy shade for several hours per day. Light is important to plant growth as it is essential for chlorophyll formation and for the manufacture of carbon compounds by the leaves.

Bonsai Soil 101: What Type of Soil Should You Use for Your Bonsai Trees?

Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing miniature trees in containers. The term bonsai is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese term penzai, for the concept of this art was actually derived from China. As centuries went by, bonsai gardening became popular all over the world and a lot of people are becoming interested in growing bonsai trees.

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