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Autumn Bulbs Indoors

More commonly known as ginger lilies or garland lilies, hedgy originate in lightly wooded areas of Asia, where they revel in the summer warmth and moisture. They may be grown outdoors as late summer to autumn flowering container plants or as cool conservatory specimens, when their ebullient foliage and scented flowers can be fully appreciated.

Keeping the Tops of Your Softwood Cuttings Cool – Part 2 of 4

Using an intermittent misting system is one way of keeping the tops cool. As the mist lands on the leaves of the cuttings, it will immediately lower the temperature slightly. For some propagators, this is enough to keep the cuttings from getting heat stressed. Other propagators may find that they need to lower the temperature even more by other means, namely shadecloth or other shade producing structures.

Protection and Feeding Against Frost

All the hardy, autumn planted bulbs that have been given homes in grassland or borders should not come to any harm in frosty weather. Those such as merinos and crinums, which may be considered borderline in colder areas, will benefit from a mulch of dry leaves. Bulbs and other plants that are in containers are at far greater risk. Hanging baskets should be taken off their brackets if temperatures drop below freezing for any prolonged length of time.

Choosing What Culinary Herbs to Grow in a Home Herb Garden

This article mentions briefly how some culinary herbs are used in different countries and their cuisines. The reader, depending on her (his) personal preference, will be able to choose the culinary herbs to be grown in her (his) home herb garden.

Summer Bulbs Indoors

Many summer flowering bulbs, tubers and rhizomes are offered for sale as growing plants, often much earlier in the year than would be possible if they were grown on, at home, from their dry state. Begonias and lilies, therefore, are available from spring onwards, with dahlias following on soon afterwards. They are happy kept inside, in warm, light conditions, but do not put them in a position where they will be in full, direct sun, or the flowers will last for only a few days, not weeks.

Gloxinia As an Indoor Bulb

Although the botanical name for this group of plants is Shinning, the term gloxinia is better known among florists and flower arrangers. The plants are originally native to tropical areas of Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, where they have adapted to seasonal rainfall and periods of intervening drought, during which the tubers become dormant for a time.

Interesting Herb Garden Information

The writings of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese contain references to herbs and herb use. Many households in medieval times used herbs; the Bible even mentions herbs. There are many beneficial reasons for gardeners to grow herbs.

Your Guide to a Low Cost Maintenance Container Garden

Find a guide on how you can have a low cost maintenance container garden in your house which is easy on the pocket. Growing decorative plants in customized containers made from burnt soil, porcelain & polymers have several advantages. Firstly, they allow mobility to the plants, so they can be shifted from one location to another which in turn exposes them to better sunlight, moisture and suitable temperature as per requirements. Secondly, they prevent the growth of unwanted weeds in your household gardens that usually grow better by consuming the fertilizers meant for your plants. Lastly, these containers protect your plants from the attack of soil borne bacteria and fungus.

Fascinating Herbs in Your Home Herb Garden

Growing fresh herbs in your home is possible with just a little space. A home herb garden can offer a lot of joy and excitement to its owners. Most of all, it offers many advantages such as food seasoning and adding fragrance to your home.

Pink Flowers 101

Pink flowers represent sweetness. They are gentle and sweet flowers, that make you smile instantly.

Red Flowers 101

Red flowers are the flowers of love, passion and desire. This red flower article will provide you the meanings of red flowers and tips of how you can use them in arrangements.

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