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Organic Gardening – Beginner’s Guide

Looking for a solution to your current financial struggles? Try growing your own vegetables. This article will point you towards resources that will teach you how to do just that.

Orchid Fertilizer – What You Should Know!

Orchid fertilizer is to orchids what food is to us. Out in nature they live on whatever happens to be composting around them. However, a lot of times the most important nutrients needed are not there. In orchid fertilizer you should have a little bit of iron, calcium, and then larger quantities of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. This usually comes as what is known as the 30-10-10 mixture or formula. That’s thirty parts of nitrogen, ten parts of phosphorous, and ten parts of potassium.

And the Greens Just Keep on Coming

Here in the Pacific Northwest, specifically on the western side of the Cascade mountain range, we live in an Oceanic climate. That is to say we get a good amount of rain, and our temperatures don’t get too cold or too hot. Here in Portland Oregon the weather is comparable to that of the UK.

Time to Plant & Prune Fruit Trees & Roses in Southern California

January is a good time to plant dormant fruit trees and roses for wonderful springtime color and fruit harvest. With Southern California’s normally mild winters, a variety of vegetable and berry plants will also do well when planted in January.

Caring For Orchids – How Difficult Can it Be?

We know that caring for orchids is no mean feat and to ensure that our plants are vibrant and healthy we must look after its basic needs. Orchids are delicate plants but with a little loving care, plenty of time and the right knowledge you can become an expert at caring for orchids. The first thing you must ask is where are you going to grow these plants? The location is of paramount importance in caring for orchids as all the other factors. There are three options here, the first is indoors, second is in a greenhouse, and third is outdoors. We will now consider the pros and cons in each case.

Worm Compost Made Easy

We are running out of top soil, there are to many environmental problems to count and there is a serious lack of nutrition left in the soil. Worms may be the answer that we have been looking for. That’s right I said worms, it seems that scientists have been testing this theory in a laboratory and have now approved of this new technique to composting.

Tune-Up Your Pruning Tools

A guide to make pruning tools work their best and prevent spread of plant disease with pruner usage. How to clean, lubricate, disinfect and prevent rust on pruners in one easy step.

7 Steps to Building a Farm Pond

Just like everything else in life, building a farm pond takes, first getting the idea, planning, preparation, location the actual digging. After all the hard work we add our own personalities to the pond with needed equipment and accessories. Then finally nature will take over, but we can help with adding plants and fish.

Garden Club Offers Everything For Garden Fans

Some want to build greenhouses in the backyard and others choice to go organic and even make their own compost. Although there are many different types of gardeners there is only one place that offers information on everything that grows under the sun. The National Home Gardening Club garden clubs is a members-only club with exclusive information, magazine articles and community interaction for green thumb enthusiasts.

My Ninja Squirrels

Squirrels are crafty, but you can out wit them. Do you dislike these pesky guys? I am fixing to tell you how to keep them at bay!

Our Common Life – An Essay About Reciprocity and Synchronistic Circumstances

Reciprocity often runs rampant when opportunities for mutual benefit converge. Coincidence, while pleasing, is not as satisfying as those synchronistic circumstances which benefit a wider audience than those to whom a favor of the cosmos has been bestowed.

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