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Solar Water Fountain Savings

Every year a lot more households are shopping for an outside water fountain for their backyards or gardens. Now there are choices to make between a standard water fountain that needs an electrical outlet in order to plug in the water pump, and the more modern environmentally friendly solar water fountain.

Bokashi – Kitchen Composting at Its Best

Who would have thought that one day you could just toss all your kitchen waste into a bucket in your kitchen and have it turn into something quite special? And I mean all your waste – not just the ‘allowable’ stuff, but the ‘forbidden’ stuff too.

Types of Summer Flowers

Summer flowers are one of a kind beauties. Types of summer flowers range from orange, to blue, to red, to violets, and basically every color of the rainbow.

How To Ensure The Health Of Garden Plants

Many people wonder how they can possibly keep their gardens green and fresh. It is common, particularly in the summer months, to see a dry lawn, with grass crackling underfoot. This need not be necessary, though. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure the health of a lawn or garden, ranging from the simple steps, like proper watering, to more drastic steps involving pesticides and weeding.

Some Popular Flower Types and the Meanings

Anyone who doubts the potent power of flowers has obviously never surprised a woman with a bouquet that rivals her in beauty. The priceless expression of joy on her face eclipses the sometimes steep price tag of the perfect floral arrangement.

Types of Fall Flowers

Flowers are simply wonderful. Whether as an outdoor ornament or an indoor decoration, you can never go wrong with having them around.

Don’t Let Summer Heat Take a Toll on Your Garden

July heat can add stress to a growing garden. By creating a regular watering schedule and maintaining the garden for maximum water absorption, plants can remain hydrated while not costing homeowners a bundle in water bills.

Create a Wildflower Display in Outdoor Planters

For those of you that like something a little different in an annual display, or for an area that requires a very informal display, wild flowers can provide the perfect answer. Wild flower species have a delicacy and vibrancy of colour all of their own and will convey all the essence of an English summer in one container.

Fertilizers for Potted Plants

Those of you who have a garden with some or plenty of potted plants might have noticed that after a while, the plants don’t seem to pick up at all. This article walks you through the steps you need to take get your potted plants back on track.

Gardening Tips That Increase Production And Saves You Money

As most gardeners will tell you, keeping and maintaining a garden is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable hobby imaginable. Not only do you have a creative outlet that provides you with satisfaction and hours of peaceful endeavor, at the end of your effort you are provided with fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. However, they will also tell you that it can be very easy to go overboard with accessories and additions that can make your gardening habit an expensive one. If you are looking to make gardening a more economical hobby, then read this article and see if you can incorporate some of the tips in your garden.

Top 5 Tips On How To Do Aquaponics

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned professional in aquaponic gardening, there’s always something new and interesting to learn. Here are 5 of the best aquaponics how to do it tips in order to help you with your journey into the world of aquaponics.

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