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5 Best Reasons to Replace Your Front Lawn With a Garden

Tired of mowing, weeding and watering your front lawn? Why not dig it up and replace it with a low-maintenance environmental garden. You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Dead Patches in the Lawn – Lawn Care Problems and Solutions

You would normally enjoy a lawn that is lush and green all year round. Unfortunately, nature can have other things in mind like brown patches rather than a lush green lawn.

Thimbleberry is the Famous Oregon Native Plant

Thimbleberry is a famous species of plant found in various parts of Oregon and grows from the sea level in the north to 2500 meter attitude in the south. The shrub size goes up to 2.5 meters and diameter of 1.5 centimeter. The physical description can be explained further with no prickles present in this plant species as compared to other plant species present in Rubus parent specie.

Bird House Basics – Do’s & Don’ts

Like weather vanes and sundials, bird houses can be as artistic as they are functional. Bird houses come in many styles, from gaily painted wooden antiques to sleek metal models to plain old wooden ones. Learn about what birds use bird houses and how to acquire the most success in housing wild birds.

Choosing a Hedge – What You Should Know

Many shrubs and some trees make excellent hedging plants, and the species will be largely a matter of personal preference. However, there are a few key points to bear in mind when you are making your selection. First, decide whether you want a deciduous or evergreen hedge. An evergreen hedge will provide cover throughout the year but a deciduous one is often hardier and so is better in cold or very exposed positions. A few deciduous plants, such as hornbeam and beech, offer the best of both worlds because they keep their dead leaves on the plant until spring.

Growing Your Own Peanuts Indoors – Grass, Too!

We’ve all heard the meteorologists forecasting more of the same – hot, hot, and getting hotter. Not much rain, either – only a storm or two scattered here or there. Meanwhile, nurseries can’t give away their remaining stock of annuals and perennials – the air is too hot and too sticky to entice us to head out doors – plus, the ground is rocklike.

Guide to Hydroponics – Easy Gardening Without Soil

These days, gardening is not just about getting a good area of fertile land that you can grow your vegetables or some little crops that you want to grow. Indeed, there are a lot of ways to enjoy your love of plants and gardening. If you are a gardening enthusiast, you might find this guide to hydroponics a good idea to enjoy gardening.

What Can Make Black Hawthorn More Amazing?

Black hawthorn is an amazing sort of plant which is also called as Crataegus. It is part of rose family that may possess both shrubs and trees. These are generally found in native temperature of Northern Hemisphere in Europe, America and Asia. It is considered as a state flower of Missouri.

Seven Essential Tips For Your Rose Tree Garden

You must be quite an accomplished rose gardener if you are contemplating your very own rose tree garden! Nature, in all it’s bounty, does not produce rose trees! But man, not to be dissuaded, went ahead and created his own!

The Best Methods For Watering Orchids

Here you’ll learn about the origins of the orchid species, the drawbacks of over watering, and the four essential steps on how to best water your orchid plant. Also, we outline four methods to creating the optimal environment when caring for your orchid.

Do Carnivorous Plants Need Bugs to Live? You’ll Be Surprised by the Answer

Many times people assume that owning a carnivorous plant means that you have to keep it in constant supply of fresh bugs. However, is that really necessary for the plants survival?

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