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Could You Become A Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeons are those people you see halfway up a massive tree all strapped in with climbing gear adorned. It seems like a pretty exciting job, but could you see yourself in this trade? It is certainly the opposite of a boring office job and should be suitable to those of us with a head for heights and a heart for adventures. Here we take a level headed look at the trade and see if you still have the desire to take this interest further.

Why We Need Trees

It is a sad fact that we have destroyed so many trees over the years that we have adversely affected our environment. For years it seemed that nobody knew or cared about the long term effects of our actions. And nowadays it seems that it is all people are talking about. If you ever wondered about the reasons why trees are so vital to our past, present and future, then please take a few minutes to read this article.

Spring Lawn Care, An Alternative

Each year as the weather starts to shake off winter millions of home owners start to think about spring lawn care. Turfgrass is a 35 billion dollar a year industry, certainly explains why the fertilizer companies can afford all those commercials.

Getting The Garden Ready For The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are almost upon us which means parents everywhere will be racking their brains about how to keep their children occupied. This article looks at how to create play areas in the garden with playhouses, climbing frames and play tents.

5 Great Tips To Get The Best From Gardening

Gardening provides growers with plants that look good and sometimes even taste good. If you would like to garden, here are five gardening tips that will help you grow great plants.

Sweet Watermelon Favorites With Old-Fashioned Flavor

The flavor of hybrid melons which have been created to travel long distances, can’t compare to that of watermelons grown from heirloom seeds. The sweet crispness associated with the deep red heart of is best when enjoyed fresh from the garden. Home gardeners are able to save this type of seed year after year.

Zen Garden in Your Yard

Create the Zen garden of your dreams with these great tips. Learn how you can easily build your garden according to Zen Buddhism. Meditate and enjoy the piece in your life.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Polycarbonate or plastic is the choice for outside construction because of its durability and lightweight construction. The sheets of polycarbonate are successfully used in things such as roofs, sun rooms, pool enclosures, solarium, and greenhouses.

Benefits of Owning a Greenhouse

Many gardeners appreciate the multiple benefits of a greenhouse. These structures can be designed to duplicate any type of growing environment. They allow unusual, non-native plants to be nurtured in any setting.

Around the Globe – Heirloom Artichoke Seeds

Growing heirloom artichoke seeds into annual plants that can be harvested and enjoyed in most zones isn’t the challenge many gardeners think it is. These vegetables have been cultivated around the globe for centuries, enticing diners and gardeners alike.

Spruce Up Your Garden For Summer

In the UK we are well known for rushing outdoors wearing our summer clothes at the slightest hint of sun. This article looks at various garden features and structures which will allow us to indulge our cravings to get outside during the summer.

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