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What is the Difference Between an Annual, Biennial and Perennial Plant?

Are you confused when you go to a nursery? What does it mean if a plant is an annual, biennial or perennial? This article makes it simple to tell the difference when choosing the right plant for your landscape project.

Taking Care of Your Garden Year Round – Indoors Or Out!

Some would think taking care of your garden year round could be tedious and laborious, but it doesn’t have to be. By following 3 simple guidelines, it can almost be fun and easy!

Propagating Roses From Cuttings

Dip the newly cut tip in a rooting hormone (liquid or powder). Stick it into the ground or a potting mixture and put a transparent plastic bottle (mineral water) with the top removed upside down. It is like a miniature green house. You may also use a transparent plastic bag or zip lock (but this is expensive to use) to cover the entire pot, but be sure to put sticks to keep it from folding over the plants thus minimizing air circulation that causes the stems to rot.

Growing Delightful Tea Herbs in a Home Herb Garden

A traditional home herb garden is often allotted into sections. If you cannot physically divide your herb stratum, you can afford separate setting areas in support of diverse herbs. Usually the sections you can plant in a home herb garden are cooking herbs, medicinal herbs, bible herbs, lemon garden or, the tea garden with all the mints and plants in for tea.

Growing Aeroponics at Home – Gardening Made Easy

Everyone wants to be able to pick freshly grown herbs and vegetables for use in the kitchen. However, growing them requires time, experience and fair amount of dirty work. In this article I will show you how growing aeroponics allows you to quickly grow plants in the clean and easy way.

The Pros and Cons OF Using Herb Garden Kits

Herb gardening has become widely popular because herbs have flavoring value in cooking, medicinal properties and at times even aromatic or ornamental value. Recently Herb garden kits have flooded the market. Each kit comes with all the necessities for raising an herb garden containing herbs of your choice right in your own home.

Grass Mowing – The Basics

You may think that there’s not much to know about proper grass mowing, just mow when it’s long, right? Proper mowing is just about that simple, but like many aspects of grass care just a few small adjustments to the way you mow will go a long way towards healthy grass. In this article we will discuss, among other things, how mowing frequency and time of day contribute to proper grass care.

Why Understanding Soil Structure is Important

Soil structure refers to the arrangement of soil particles. Sand, silt and clay seldom occur as separate units in the soil Rather, they combine into aggregates held together by small binding forces of clay and organic matter. The size and form of aggregation is known as the structure of the soil. Soil structure is one of the more important physical characteristics, yet perhaps the least understood. Plant growth is influenced by soil structure. Soil structure affects movement of water, air and roots through the soil.

Cultivating Hybrid Tea Roses

The modern Hybrid tea rose is the descendant rose which replaced the favorites of the Victorians, the hybrid perpetual roses. Hybrid tea roses are hardy and deciduous shrubs, that produce flowers freely over a long flowering season, usually between June and October. Hybrid tea roses have developed into some of the best loved of roses, equaling the popularity of the floribunda rose and the Modern shrub roses.

Identifying and Treating Rose Diseases and Pests

This is a general guideline of rose disease and pest names. The diseases and pests are visually identified. Suggested treatments follow.

Killing Rose Aphids

Aphids, also known as “plant lice”, plunge their spherical mouths into plant tissues to suck out their juices. This weakens the leaves structure and causes them to curl and encapsulate the aphid cluster almost acting as a shelter.

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