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The Best Salad Herbs

A look at 6 different herbs that are great to use in salads and easy to grow. These herbs, like arugula and mint, elevate salads to a whole new level of taste. Growing salad herbs reduces cost at the growing store and add more healthy nutrients to the diet.

A List of a Few Fine Trees to Be Planted in Gardens

With rising cost of the electricity, shade trees for garden or yard are very important. In addition, planting trees is environmentally friendly. Here are the things to consider when choosing trees to plant.

Indoor Tomatoes – Lighting For Success

Tomato seeds do not need light to germinate. However, as soon as new plants break the surface of the soil, they then need light in order to survive. If you are growing indoor tomatoes, lighting is one of the biggest determining factors in the success of your plants.

Scourge of the Tomato – Late Blight

Phytophthora infestans is a fungus-like micro-organism that can infect both the potato and the tomato. Late blight is the result. Live spores blow in with rain. During cool, wet weather, it can spread rapidly. Its incidence has been on the increase in the United States and elsewhere in recent years, with 2009 being one of the worst on record.

Tomato Troubles – The Problems of Growing Tomatoes

If you are going to grow tomatoes you are going to run into some problems. I call them “Tomato Troubles”. But, they are not really difficult. This article will help you identify them and handle them. With a little luck the problems of growing tomatoes may not even happen for you.

How Gardening Can Ease Depression

Everyone will experience situational depression at some point in life. This form of depression is short term and caused by events in life that bring loss and pain. This is a unique way to ease that sadness and it really works.

Essential Bonsai Tools For a Beginner

My father has a saying; “The difference between doing a job like a professional and a job like an amateur, is having the right tools!” When it comes to bonsai tools, this is certainly true!

Red Spider Mites Can Be a Problem With Tomatoes, Capsicums and Potatoes

Red Spider Mites can be a problem when growing crops like tomatoes and its relatives, capsicums and potatoes. It is generally brought about by hot, dry temperatures and low humidity. Sometimes, if using pyrethroid-based or other pesticides that are broad-spectrum and which kill all insects – both beneficial and pest – an outbreak can arise, because all the natural predators of these mites, have been killed.

How Florists Keep Flowers Fresh

Most people, including florists, want to keep flowers fresh looking for as long as possible. Not only does it add value to their flowers, but it also makes a stronger impression on whoever receives them.

Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables has so many advantages just one of these is that many people and pets suffer from allergies. Allergies can be caused through the food we eat. Many of us are allergic to certain foods but we can also be allergic to the toxic pesticides and chemical additives which are used on non organic fruit and vegetables.

Where is the Best Place to Grow Grapes? How Much Space You Must Have to Grow Grapes Successfully!

If you are new to backyard grape growing you may be asking yourself, “Where is the best place to grow grapes?” To the beginner, it might seem as if successful grape growing requires a romantic location such as the French or Italian countryside, or at the very least, a vineyard in Napa Valley.

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