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Crop Rotation – A Technique in Maintaining Soil Fertility

There are various ways to maintain the fertility of the soil. Setting up proper drainage in the garden as well as maintaining the optimum levels of soil moisture are the most significant ways to maintain the fertility of the soil. Each variety of crops is suitable to plant in different plots as long as it suits the environment and the time of the year. Crop rotation is the method of planting each year in different plots.

Lavender Roses – 3 of the Best and Their Meaning

Lavender roses are growing in popularity with many new varieties being released each year. Most lavender roses are fragrant and this article discusses 3 of the best and their meaning.

Rose Society – 7 Big Reasons to Join One

If you are a keen rose gardener have you ever considered joining a rose society? It’s fun to get together with like-minded people to swap hints and techniques. The members are usually keen rose growers who love to pass on their knowledge and expertise.

Controlling Weeds in Your Organic Herb Garden

If you are growing an organic herb garden, you are devoted to herbs that are healthy for you and gardening practices that don’t hurt the environment, but what do you do when the weeds start coming in? Herbicides are definitely against the spirit of organic gardening, but when you see swathes of weeds start growing, you might not know what to do! Taking care of the weeds in your organic garden is a process that takes time and effort, but once you get started, it is easy to keep on going.

How To Set Up Your Italian Herb Garden

Setting up your Italian herb garden will provide a steady supply of Italian herbs at your fingertips to prepare yummy pesto sauce, lip-smacking meatballs, Italian sausages, delicious tomato sauces for pasta, and the list is endless. The incredible taste and aroma of Mediterranean herbs such as parsley, thyme, sage, basil, rosemary, oregano, garlic, and fennel seeds give an extra zing to the popularity of the Italian cuisine the world over.

The Miracle Plant – How to Grow Your Own Aloe Vera

Here, we will discuss how you can grow your own aloe plant. For it to flourish, the right conditions have to be met. Find out how you can grow yours!

Rose Diseases – Black Spot

Since young, newly-formed leaves are very prone to black spot and other common roses disease, you have to protect them early on. Fungi are one of the most persistent organisms to ever infest the world of plants, particularly your garden of roses. One of the most common roses disease known as black spot is caused by the fungus, Diplocarpon Rosae.

Rose Bush Planting Made Simple

An easy guide with tips for rose bush planting. There is not a simpler way to get beautiful roses in your garden or around the house.

Can You Grow Your Own Coffee at Home?

Take your coffee drinking to the next level by growing your own coffee plant at home! It is possible, so find out more about this in depth coffee growing process.

Growing Costmary

Costmary is a perennial herb that has sweetly-scented foliage. The leaves make a good addition to a green salad, or use them dried in potpourris or sachets.

Growing Crown Daisy

Crown Daisy was once a very common garden plant. Today, foreign seed companies export seeds to Japan, where the leaves and blooms are popular cooking herbs.

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