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Flower Gardening Basics for Beginners and Experienced Gardeners

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular hobbies today is flower gardening. It is a simple, fun, and inexpensive venture that can be done not just for yard decoration, but professionally as well. In addition to their nice fragrances, flowers have the potential to brighten one’s day which explains why flower gardening continues to experience a rise in popularity.

Hydroponic Systems: Tips For Getting Started

The topic of hydroponic systems is one that many people are interested in. Hydroponic gardening can help simplify your life, if you go about it the right way. One of the main benefits of this type of gardening is that it can help you to produce significantly larger crop yields.

Looking At Some of the Most Preferred Types of Rose Bushes

There are countless benefits of growing different types of rose bushes at your own garden. Aside from the fact that the rose shrub is the most popular flower in history; the same is also very beautiful and such a wonder to look at. They make every garden look nicer and more colorful and they have that distinctive level of class and elegance. Labeled as attractive and symbolizing love, roses in the garden come in different types. There are those that excrete lovely and sweet fragrances while others offer very enticing colors.

Bringing Basil To Your Table

The bright green appearance and spicy fragrance of basil has endeared this herb to cooks for centuries. It brings a pungent, slightly spicy taste to soup, stew, stir fry, salad, and even sandwiches. Once you start cooking with basil, you’ll discover just how versatile this simple plant can be.

How To Find Cheap Garden Sheds On Craigslist

There a number of places online that you can find cheap garden sheds, but one of the best places I have found is Craigslist. Craigslist is the largest classified ads online and the world and even find just about anything you want including garden sheds. In this article I’m going to show you a couple of tips to help you find some sheds that will typically be a lot less expensive than buying one and one of the many home improvement stores.

At Home Tricks on Keeping Your Fresh Cut Flowers Fresh Longer!

A few easy tricks right in your home to keeping your fresh cut flowers fresh longer, and live stronger. Using a few of your products at home is all it takes to having beautiful fresh cut flowers that last and last.

Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Winter Garden

The winter is a sparse, lean time when leaves fall and animals disappear. Attracting what animals are left is a must for any aspiring gardeners hoping to maintain a lively atmosphere during the colder months. Through planning and planting, this can be easy to achieve.

Moving Garden Plants

Whether you are an active or occasional gardener sooner or latter you will probably find yourself in need of moving garden plants. Traditionally the practice has been to move plants during the late fall and into the winter months, but if proper techniques are used most plants can be safely moved anytime of the year.

7 Tips to Construct a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are fascinating structures in a garden. They are constructed primarily due to their convenience and are easy to maintain versus a traditional garden. For those who hate bending while working in the garden, raised garden beds could be the answer since they can be custom- made in accordance to their heights.

Growing Hellebores

When most other plants in the garden are laying dormant, winter is the time when hellebores burst into flower. Their delicate blooms in a variety of colours from crisp white to deep purple provide a welcome splash of seasonal colour. Commonly known as the ‘Christmas Rose’ the hellebore is an evergreen perennial flowering plant native to much of Europe. Here is a quick guide on how to grow hellebores in your garden and some of the best varieties.

Some of Our Favourite Native Trees

Trees have been a constant presence on this earth for over 200 million years. Many of our native species are long-lived – the English oak for example will outlive many of the humans that pass beneath its branches. These native giants are very much part of the landscape, some even become celebrities in their own right and each species is steeped in its own folklore history.

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