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Aromatherapy For Your Garden

Many people know about all of the benefits of aromatherapy, but few know that aromatherapy and essential oils are also beneficial for your plants as well. Plants are often affected by disease and insects in much the same way that humans are, and you can use essential oils to help them heal and keep them healthy as well. It’s truly a case of nature helping nature.

Understanding Caliche

Caliche is a term associated with desert soils and refers to a cemented soil layer or hard pan. It is a deposit of lime which binds sand and gravel together so hard and tight that roots and water will not get through.

Why Container Herbs?

Container herbs are ideal for apartment dwellers, frequent movers or if you have a schedule that leaves little time for gardening. Some people with limited space, choose to contain their herbs on patios or balconeys. Others combine container herbs with their outdoor gardens to keep fast growing plants from growing willy nilly.

Philosophy of a New Age Organic Gardener

The new age organic gardeners of today are conscious that this planet is in trouble and maybe nature had enough of the human race. In order to minimise further decline in this relationship the organic gardener requires no pesticides.

Sprouts – Growing a Green Harvest

Growing your own sprouts is an exciting venture to watch. It gets even better when you munch into your own crisp and juicy home-grown, goodness-packed sprouts!

Caring For Indoor Flowers

What is the best way to care for indoor plants and flowers? Here are some tips and things to watch out for, to help you grow flowers and plants indoors.

Growing Vegetables As an Aid to Eating Well

The most important thing throughout your life is to look after yourself. Getting enough exercise, eating well, plenty of sleep and the right balance between your work and home life is essential. Many large multinationals expect their employees to give up everything when they join the company and therefore the ability to still maintain your home life and take care of yourself is vitally important.

Herb Garden Cilantro – Coriander Made Easy at Home

This distinctive plant grows wild across most of the southwest, Asia, and Europe. It has a very strong and rich flavor, and the scent is just a fabulous addition to any kitchen. It tends to get along best with spices plants and herbs found in the Italian herb garden, and this is where you will most likely find it in most enthusiasts’ gardens. What you will be after, of course, are the seeds, which is referred to as coriander in the aforementioned regions of the world.

Are Earthworms Good Or Bad For Your Soil?

You found earthworms in your soil. Are they good or bad? Should you get rid of them or be pleased that they are present?

A Basic Guide to Herb Garden Plants

Familiarize yourself with basic information about types of herb garden plants, their growth requirements and their uses. The hundreds of herbs available are often categorized as culinary herbs, tea herbs, medicinal herbs or aromatic herbs. Many herbs have multiple uses. Before you start planning and planting, this article will help you decide what type of garden you’d like, and give you some ideas of which herb garden plants to choose.

Caring For Fresh Flowers to Stay

When you receive a pleasant surprise in the form of a flower arrangement from a person, you want your memories eternal. How can your Fresh Flowers stay young and attractive much longer? Here are tips for you:

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