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How to Create a Garden Path

A well designed garden path is like a guide and takes your friends or visitors through to areas you want to be seen. One may argue that garden design is perceived as the work of experts, landscape architects, landscape designers, garden designers, and landscape contractors. Yet research proves that some of the most beautiful gardens in the world were not designed by experts.

Vermicomposting Tips For Your Vegetable Garden

Vermicompost is one of the best natural fertilizers for your vegetable garden. Here are some tips so you can easily add vermicompost with little effort.

Some of the Many Uses of Rose Petals

Roses are a mainstay of many gardens, and homes. They are beautiful, adaptable and come in a multitude of forms and colors, something that make them essential landscaping tools to a many gardeners. However, roses also have their uses outside of the garden. Did you know that rose petals can be used in the kitchen, in the bath, and even as an essential part of gifts…

The Most Popular Roses

There are some rose types that remain popular year after year. Maybe it has to do with their colors and sizes, their fragrances or is it that they are so easy to maintain? In any case, in this article is a short list of names of roses and their descriptions. These are the perennial favorites.

Organic Gardening – Knowing the In’s and Out’s Before Your Dive In

The definition of Organic Foods means that these foods are either grown or made per a set of criteria or standards and before they can be called by such they must obtain a certification. In order to achieve the organic certification, the foods must void of most synthetic chemical inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics (in regards to live stock), any food additives and so on. The farmland that has produced the food must have been free of any chemical inputs for a minimum of three years. The grower of the food must keep a written detail account of production and sales records. Certified organic products must be kept separated from those products that have not been certified and periodically the site growing the organic food will be inspected.

Hydroponic Garden Guide – A Beginner’s Entry Into Hydroponics

Plants don’t need soil, in fact the very definition of hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. If you are interested in getting started into the fascinating world of hydroponics, look no further. All you need is a good hydroponic garden guide.

Grape Vine Trellis – Understand How the Trellis is Detrimental

Grape vines, like all other kinds of vines, are adapted to developing alongside of the ground or connecting themselves to a support structure. Grape vines are not sturdy enough to stand for themselves and still require some sort of simulated support. And this support is better known as a grape vine trellis.

Early Blight Leaf Spot in Tomatoes

Does your tomato have symptoms that look like spots with ‘growth’ rings in them? This disease, which is known as Early Blight or Target Spot (because of the concentric circles within the spot) is one of the most common diseases worldwide in tomatoes. It  infects stems, leaves and fruit of tomatoes and may sometimes, although rarely, girdle seedlings causing…

Organic Growing Today – How Well Do You Know Your Food?

The benefits of organic growing in your garden are exponential. Not only can it improve the environment and offer money savings, organic growing can provide long-term mental and physical health benefits.

The Newbie’s Guide to Companion Gardening

Have you ever noticed that the plants of the forest and the jungle grow together in a glorious hodge-podge of colors, shapes, sizes and plant types. Yet the same plants that once grew wild now live a separated existence from each other in the cultivated rows of a farmer’s field. How can all these plants live together in nature? The answer: Companion Gardening.

The Shape of a Bonsai Tree

One of the main characteristics of a bonsai tree is the shape of it. A bonsai tree can take on a special art form with its unique style and shape. Each person will have their own option of how they choose to shape their bonsai tree as it grows. A bonsai tree can be shaped in many interesting ways including popular forms such as literati, formal and informal upright, slanting, forest and cascading. There are other styles of trees that you can try once you learn the basics. Literati style is known to be the most common shape of a bonsai tree.

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