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Let There Be (Plant) Light

Indoor grow lights let you shine a light where and when the sun don’t shine. They allow you to extend the growing season; have a year-round supply of fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs; as well as give your seedlings a head start before you can plant them outside.

Organic Vegetable Gardening – The Better Way To Grow

Why Organic vegetable gardening? The benefits to you and your family are HUGE. Would you rather eat fresh lush vegetables without the fear of insecticides and chemicals? Would you like to feed your family a natural food, full of antioxidants and vitamins? Organic vegetable gardening is your one and only, the best answer.

Backyard Problem Solver – Inexpensive Hints & Tips

Whether you are a renter or a home owner on a limited budget, there are many inexpensive ways for you to become your own backyard problem solver. From personal experience, we know that it is often hard to come up with the money needed to do major landscaping overhauls. I’ll share with you some simple backyard problem solving techniques, hints, and suggestions that work for us.

The Practice Of Organic Lawn Care

As more and more attention is given to the environment and the steps we can take to protect it, homeowners strong in numbers continue to do their fair share. The recycling of glass, paper, aluminum, and plastic continues to be on the rise in homes across the country; and now, families are even turning to ways to make their homes “green” – using solar power, natural fibers, energy saving light bulbs, and water reducing faucets. There has even been attention given to the upkeep of the suburban lawn, as homeowners make an effort to practice only organic lawn care.

Cushions Truly Make the Chair

While your outdoor furniture may be beautifully crafted out of iron or wood, beauty is not its only purpose. First and foremost, furniture must be comfortable – and that’s where cushions come into the picture. The cushions you choose for your outdoor furniture should provide the combination of both support and comfort that creates an ideal place to sit.

Indoor Gardening Plants

Indoor Gardening can be peaceful and a great hobby. Spruce up your home with a beautiful indoor garden.

Three Types Of Grass For The South

There are many different types of grass that can thrive in the South. Bermuda grass, centipede and Zoysia are three great types to consider when looking for the right grass for your plot.

Snow Throwers – What Type Is Right For You?

There are many advantages to owning a snow thrower. You can find one that will be perfect to help you clear the driveway quickly next time there is a heavy snowfall.

Great Looking Lawns For All Types Of Grass

Simple tips on watering and mowing the lawn can yield great results. Follow a few maintenance rules to achieve the lawn you dream of!

Practical Compost Making

Whether you are an ordinary gardener, or an organic gardener, a quality compost becomes one of the most important factors in determining the ultimate success of your garden. Compost is one of nature’s best mulches and soil amendments. With a good quality compost there is no need to use any sort of commercial fertilizer, and one of the best features of compost is that it can literally be made without spending a dime.

Palm Trees Offer a Tropical Touch

When you think about palm trees you immediately think of an island with fresh sand, icy blue water and beautiful palm trees. Being the pretty trees they are they seem to bring peace. Some people have them growing in their big gardens and they look amazingly exquisite there too. It’s like when you think of happiness you think tall palm trees blowing in the wind.

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