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Zen Gardening

For a region that is predominantly Buddhist, Chan, or Zen, is an important philosophy. Zen is a term used for a school that teaches the teachings of Buddha and how they are active in the natural world. Buddhism was in China before the Zen teachings, and when the Indian prince Bodhidharma introduced the idea to the Buddhist in 526 A.D., they were amazed at his way of seeing the world for what it is. Zen took off after Bodhidharma’s ideas were spread.

How to Grow Beans in Your Garden

In order to properly plan a bean garden, knowing the full cycle of bean plant growth can enable you to take full advantage of the volume of beans you get for the effort that you put in. All types of beans, ranging from the green bean to chickpeas, are a healthy addition to any diet. High in protein, the bean is one of the base parts in a vegetarian’s diet, as well as a great side dish for those with a liking for meat.

Which One of These 5 Carnivorous Plants Do You Want in Your Garden?

If you want to add a unique touch to your garden, carnivorous plants are bound to get attention. From the common Venus Flytrap to the Cobra plant, these exotics serve several purposes.

Want to Know a Few Common and Scientific Plant Names?

Many botanical shops deal with their seeds, seedlings and full grown plants by their common plant name, it is vital that you can match common names with scientific names. Here’s why.

The Secret of Growing Desert Plants

Despite how harsh the desert may seem, there are a wide variety of desert plants that grow in arid conditions. These plants are hardy, thriving on little water, a great deal of sunlight, and conditions that would wither or kill most living things. However, just because these plants can survive in a terrain many creatures cannot, desert plants do not necessarily make good house plants.

Bamboo Plants Are Among the World’s Most Useful and Versatile Plants

Unlike trees, bamboo grows at an amazing rate of up to 2 inches per hour. This makes it the world’s quickest growing plant. There are some instances, the bamboo plant can grow up to 4 meters in a day.

Three Steps For Designing a Garden

Do you want to design a garden but you don’t know where to start? These tips will help to get the ball rolling!

Do You Want to Create a Garden But Are Not Sure Where to Start? Try Container Gardening!

There are many ways to create a garden. One of my favorite ways is to create a container garden. Container gardens are great because they are so versatile.

Three Tips For Starting Seeds Indoors

Ever try to grow plants from seeds? Growing plants from seeds can be a little tricky. With these three tips you’ll have your little seedling emerge in no time.

Two Tips For a Higher Yielding Vegetable Garden

Did you ever try to grow your own vegetables with the hope of having enough vegetables to last the summer? Chances are good that you only had enough vegetables for three or four meals. Follow these three tips for a higher yielding vegetable garden.

Low Cost Christmas For Gardeners

No one wants to be reminded of the economic woes and gardens are a great place to put such troubles behind us. Here are ideas for cheap presents and for cost saving activities centred around gardening.

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