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Organic Ingredients – 5 Ways to Use Rabbit Manure in the Garden

Rabbit manure or rabbit poo is one of the highest sources of nitrogen and phosphorous compared to other farmyard animal manures. It is also on par with other manure for its potassium content. Rabbit manure is an ideal product for the organic gardener.

Prune Your Tomato Garden to Fight Diseases

Pruning is a great way to keep tomato diseases at bay. In this way, if disease should hit, it will be that much farther from the main stem. Another reason for this is that it lowers the shock value to the plant.

3 Tomato Growing Tips to Get Your Plants Off to a Great Start!

When attempting to grow tomatoes doing what is good for the plant is what will make it successful. Here are 3 tomato growing tips on growing and caring for tomato plants, to keep them healthier while bearing more abundantly.

Why You Should Grow Tomatoes Upside Down

Having a tomato garden in your yard is great, but it can pose many different challenges. Instead of growing your tomatoes traditionally, try something new this year and grow them upside down. You might just find that you have less problems and a more plentiful harvest.

Different Ways to Make Your Indoor Garden Grow Better

Is your indoor garden not performing like you want? If read this article to get an idea of what you can do to increase your growth.

DWC Hydroponics System Advantages

Hydroponic gardening is the latest trend for gardeners nowadays; it’s a way of growing your plants without the use of soil. Instead of using soil, the plants are grown with some type of grow medium and nutrient solution. There are now several ways of growing plants hydroponically; it can be grown by drain sub-irrigation or passive sub-irrigation.

Tomato Types and How This Knowledge Helps You

Knowing the various tomato types and tomato varieties will help growers choose the best tomatoes for their particular growing circumstances. There are tomatoes for hot regions, cold regions, pest resistant tomatoes and a whole lot more which will mean that a gardener can fine tune his choice to suit his needs. Find out more about it here.

6 Culinary and Medicinal Herbs For Small Containers

Herbs adapt very well to their environment, as do plants in general. Most culinary and medicinal herbs need plenty of sunlight, and well-drained soils, in addition to frequent watering. Most culinary herbs are resistant to pests, and are easy to grow even for beginner gardeners.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening Guide

If you are a beginner at indoor vegetable gardening or gardening in general, then this article may be of great help. Most people who want to grow their own indoor garden are confused where to begin, especially if they are more used to outdoor gardening.

Greenhouse Instructions to Fit Your Budget

There is more to a greenhouse than just a fancy accessory on your lawn. It works as a temperature modulator that keeps in heat to provide plants the perfect temperature. Greenhouses also help in prolonging a plant’s life during the cold season. A greenhouse is a definite must have in your garden.

Tips For Making a Bonsai Pot

Growing a bonsai is a way of art. Everything about it should be in perfect harmony and balance. That’s right! But if you think, the art is the tree itself, and then you think wrong!

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