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Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips

The organic vegetable garden will very quickly become one of your very best investments. Not only will you save money on your food bill, but you will also be able to give yourself or your family healthier choices at the dinner table. But before you begin your journey into this world, these are just some of the things that you should know.

How to Grow Grapes? – 1st Step is Patience

Grape growing demystified! Your about to discover insights of professional vintners and you’ll soon be producing your very own delicious homemade wine.

The Benefits of Water Barrels

One great way to conserve water is with rain barrels. It only takes about an inch of rain to fill up a fifty gallon barrel. So even in the driest places like Nevada, where they only average about seven inches of rain per year, there’s still water that can be utilized.

Make Your Garden Lively With Modern Garden Decoratives

Garden is a place which everyone loves to visit. Gardens may be big or small, public or private; but gardens are beautiful indeed. They are like the verandas of nature. They are beautified by numerous flowers, plants and creepers by the nature itself. The chirping of birds, the tricks of squirrels and the presence of other such creatures enhance the charm of the garden even more. But, all these things are a common scene in any traditional garden. Today, the times have changed. At present, there are a numerous ways to decorate the garden. Various types of garden decoration items are available for sale in the market, these days.

Organic Seeds Basic

You know your soil is “clean”, that your soil is not contaminated in any way  because you got your soil tested, so now you’re looking for some organic seeds to plant.  At this point you are probably asking yourself, “How do I know that the seeds I am buying are organically grown and where is the best place to buy my seeds?” Well you can wait till the last minute and chance buying your seeds at your nursery or such places as Canadian Tire or Home Hardware.

Home Garden Care – How to Prune Your Garden Plants in the Spring

Spring is the season for pruning many but not all garden plants. Knowing what, when and how to prune, is a critical factor behind the success of your garden plants.

Birdhouse Garden Adventures

This article may be directed more for children, but if you are young at heart, you might find these adventures in your birdhouse garden interesting as well. For an experiment you can start by putting two different types of food into a couple of containers and place them on a ledge or somewhere in your birdhouse garden. A couple of wonderful choices to start with are sunflower seeds and bread crumbs.

Organic Gardening – Sweet Potatoes Grown in the Home Garden

Tips you should know about growing sweet potatoes in your home garden. Easy to grow in almost any type soil. Start fro slips purchased at a garden center or grow your own.

Taking Care of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are kept small by pruning the branches and roots and growing the trees in pots. A tree planted in a small pot is not a bonsai until it has been pruned, shaped, and trained into the desired shape.

Flower Arranging in 5 Steps

If you’re with me, wondering when the heck the warm weather will hit, maybe a cheerful flower arrangement will lift your mood. Don’t know the first thing about flower arranging? Not a problem. Flower arranging is a piece of cake if you follow these five steps.

Orchid Show Judging

When one attends an orchid show, its easy to be dazzled by the blooms and confused by the many ribbons and awards that festoon the displays. This article will try to shed some light on the subject.

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