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Make Your Orchids Bloom With These Simple Steps

If you select the right orchid for your hometown climate, you can be sure to grow bright and beautiful orchids in your own home. This is provided of course, if you look after the orchids correctly. You will still need to provide the right amount of light, water, temperature and humidity to ensure that your orchids bloom.

Care And Growth of Rosemary Plants Drought Tolerant Shrub And Delicious Kitchen Cooking Herb

Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) is a perennial, evergreen shrub. Not only are they wonderful cooking herbs, they are also dependable staples to consider in any drought tolerant landscape. Rosemary blooms in winter and early spring. The flowers are small, just under 1/2 across, but they cover the tips of the stems in a way that makes the entire plant seem covered in blue. Some common names for rosemary include, Dew of the Sea, Compass Weed and Elf Leaf.

Daisies For Easy Growing In The No Care Landscape

They are wonderful in the gardens, but can make a huge difference to the decor of any room. The daisy is a nice flower because it will spread by seeding and with the wind. You may need to separate the daisies eventually.

Tulips for the Bright and New Look in Landscapes

When it comes to spring, you can purchase tulips in their own decorative baskets. You’ll want to place these baskets throughout your home, but you’ll need to give these flowers plenty of light, water, and appreciation.

Artificial Turf Grass – Green With Envy?

Looking for a great looking lawn without all the fuss of caring for it? Give artificial turf a try.

All Tulips Look Alike – Or Do They?

Do you have the picture in your mind showing that tulips all look alike? Believe it or not, there are several different flower types that sit atop a tulip stem.

Common Sense for Novice Green Fingers

This easy access to vegetables is one of the nicest parts of having your own vegetable patch. At the end of the first year, you will know which vegetables grow the best in your soil type, and which ones you found the most handy to have ‘available’ outside your door.

Chinese Hibiscus And Family – Excellent Landscaping Shrubs For Gardens In Mild Winter Climates

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, which is known by a number of common names of which “Chinese Hibiscus is just one, is one of the mainstay landscaping bushes in Mediterranean and dry climate gardens, despite originating from sub-tropical habitats. Its main benefit as a shrub is the showy, lush blooms that cover the plant throughout the summer. Chinese Hibiscus is ideal for screening purposes and as an informal hedge.

April – What You Need To Do In Your Garden!

As winter comes to an end its time for you to pull on your wellingtons and get weeding. April is the month of preparation in your garden.

Growing Carrots – A Vegetable Gardening Primer

The basics of starting a vegetable garden for beginners. Growing carrots is used as a way of demonstrating the various tips and tricks.

The Roots Of The Grape Vine

The roots of a grape vine plays an important role in growing high quality grapes for eating and for making wine. Soil preparation, planting methods and how to fertilize the wine, all add up to becoming a great viticulturist.

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