‘Dr. Fauci Misled Americans During Questioning From Rand Paul’: Chip Roy Targets Slams NIAID Dir.

How to Look After Your Gardening Tools

You may be wondering why it is necessary to look after your gardening tools. Tools can be very expensive to purchase so it makes good sense to look after them well so that they will give you years of use.

Growing a Hanging Tomato Step-By-Step

If you have heard about or seen the advertisements on TV for the upside down hanging tomato planter you may be wondering how exactly it works. You may have a couple misconceptions and think that it must be quite messy to water a plant that is hanging upside down. A lot of people think that there can be seepage of wet dirt (mud) which will be unsightly and so they do not bother.

Landscapes For Active Families

On-the-go families really need easy-care landscapes. Taking care of a yard is the furthest thing on any busy dad’s or mom’s mind. They’re too involved in careers, car-pooling, after-school activities, and their kids’ sports. Speaking of kids, have you ever known one who just loves to mow the lawn or pick weeds?

True Raised Garden

Working in the garden hard on your back or knees? Need a garden that you can stand up to get the gardening done?

Improve Your Garden With Reiki

Reiki is a great way to enhance your garden because it helps plants flourish. I live at altitude, in a place with a short growing season. I’m not an expert gardener. What I know, I’ve learned by trial and error. I’ve been using Reiki in the garden for years and watching the vegetables grow.

The Basics of Japanese Gardening

Learn the basic steps and concepts of Japanese Gardening. This article contains useful information on how to give any common garden a Japanese atmosphere with harmonious results.

Anthurium – Flamingo Flower

The Anthurium, known also as the ‘flamingo flower’ has a genus of over 600 species of flowers. This hermaphrodite flower can grow in mild climates and also bears fruit.

Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) – Baby Boomer

This type of flower is becoming increasingly popular with customers. This is an ideal plant to give as a gift or buy for your own home. When seeing the Dutch auctions figures, consumers seem to appreciate the new variety.

How to Choose the Perfect Garden

If you wish to start your own garden, the main thing that you have to think about is the kind of garden that you wish to create. There are plenty of choices available so it can be challenging to choose which one you like best. What you can do is to narrow your choices down.

How to Maintain Your Own Compost Heap

There are plenty of people who have their own garden and keep a big part of their organic waste. These are the leaves, dead plants, and grass clippings that you take away to keep your garden looking pretty. Most of these just go to the landfills and this is actually a waste of your time and money.

Small Garden Ideas

Even if you have a small yard, you can still have an attractive garden. Space should not be a limiting factor when planning and designing your garden. Here are some small garden ideas that you will find extremely useful.

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