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Plumeria – The Lei Flower Tree

Plumeria are one of the most sought after of the tropical flowers. It is easy to grow and can create a tropical paradise right in your own home.

How to Grow Bonsai

This article discusses some of the very important know hows for growing bonsai trees. And some of the techniques that bonsai artists follow to give a good shape to their bonsai.

Re Potting Bonsai Trees

If you have been into bonsai for any length of time then you must be aware about the importance of potting bonsai trees.Bonsai trees grow in pots. Thus after a year or two it becomes essential to move them into a bigger or new pot where they and get a supply of nutrients that is essential for their growth. In this article I will break down the repotting exercise into three simple steps, so that you can understand what all goes into repotting a bonsai tree.

Pest Control For Your Vineyard Grapes

We have weather and bad soil to bother our vineyard grapes and yet we still have to contend with all kinds of vermin that may want to destroy our harvest. These are not just bugs, oh no, there are other things to worry about like deer, birds and disease.

Indoor Bonsai Tree Care

The most important thing to keep in mind about the Indoor bonsai is the kind of care you would need to take for this plant. Environmental conditions inside the house is not appropriate for plants to grow, hence you would need to take special care for them to grow indoors.

Grapes Growing – What Not to Do

If you go out there and search for information on grapes growing you will find a wealth of information about things you need to do to have a great harvest. That’s good, but it is equally important to know things that you ought not to do under any circumstances. Yes you may be an expert in grapes growing, but we have all done that. Looking back we all have done such things which now make us look foolish.

Grape Vines For Sale

So ultimately you have taken a decision of growing grapes and now you are looking for grape vines for sale? Good, excellent idea. It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but you should get everything perfect. However, applying the right buying techniques does not mean that the grape vines you want will be available and ready for sale.

Your Garden & Garden Furniture Sets – A Natural Extension of Your Home

When you are creating and designing your garden you may already have a theme or a style in mind. While creating your garden you are going to want to put a lot of thought into the pieces that will be placed into it. This is much more then flowers and green plants.

Seasonal Bonsai Tree Care

Bonsai tree care is one of the most important aspects of growing bonsai. Bonsai trees require a lot more attention and care than normal garden trees and plants. The caring schedule for bonsai plants would vary according to the season and the plant variety. Having said this it is important to understand some common bonsai tree care tips that can be applied across plant varieties.

Myths of Bonsai

Bonsai is a wonderful art but like any other good thing in this world it has got its own enemies. Lets put it very clearly that there are many schools thought when it comes to deciding if bonsai is ethically correct or not. In this article we would try to understand if some of these myths are really true.

Seed Germination

Seeds need light, water and air to germinate. Small seeds germinate easily on any soil surface. If you wish to grow any flowers, herbs or vegetables from seeds, you must understand that every seed has its own germination rate, which means, they have different period to change to seedling.

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