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Garden Ideas for Your Apartment

Living in a group of rooms a few floors high inside a concrete building need not be constricting and stressful. With a little guidance and abundant creativity, even the smallest cramped spaces can be turned into the haven each home ought to be. The same goes for apartment homeowners who have dreamt of their own backyards when they were kids. Here are some directional tips and landscape supply options to create that sky-high garden you’ve always wanted.

Landscaping Your Nursery Trees With Fertilizer

Water-soluble fertilizers are used for a few reasons such as to speed up the greening process which is due to the nitrogen (N) present in the fertilizer, easy to apply, inexpensive to use, easy to handle, and are easily available at garden centers or nurseries. Fertilizers are labeled with three numbers which give the percentage of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P205), and potassium (K20). A 50 pound bag of fertilizer that is labeled 10-10-10 has 10 pounds of nitrogen, 10 pounds of phosphorus, 10 pounds of potassium and 20 pounds of filler; filling being added to reduce or limit the possibility of burning roots or plants with the strength of fertilizer and also making it easier to spread.

Reasons to Plant Survival Seeds

Survival seeds are packets of different types of essential, non-hybrid, and basic vegetable seeds that are put together for overall nutritional value and easy growing. The name came from the purpose for which you are planting these – survival. When times get hard, there’s no need to get worried about your food supply. With these seeds you can grow the food that you and your family will ever need. At these times, you see what is going on: the US economy is going down, there’s bankruptcy in Greece, and currency values around the world are declining. There may be food in grocery stores now but prices are soaring high. In the event of a crisis, there could be shortages that will empty the store shelves.

Feeding Your Gardens “Naturally”

Why should you feed your garden naturally? First, long term you’ll build better soil and a healthier ecosystem. Secondly, short term and long term, you’ll save money!

White Flower Arrangements, an Inspiration of Purity

White flower arrangements bring mental clarity, and suggest innocence, cleanliness and peace. Adding wild flowers to such an arrangement is a great way of surprising the eye.

The Enchanting Elecampane Plant

Add architectural stature and legendary lore to your garden with this ancient beautiful beauty. Learn more about how to enjoy and use your plants to better effect.

Beautiful Boughs of Holly

Learn all about the value of holly trees in the winter garden. We cover their endearing and not so endearing qualities.

A Spectacular Plant Named Lords and Ladies

From summer’s dramatic spikes of berries to winter’s handsome foliage, the lords and ladies (Arum italicum) plant journeys through the seasons in style. It has a double life which captivates visitors to the garden.

Gardening in the Month of September

With the summers receding and the drop in temperatures becoming quite evident as the month of September is approaching, days have become slightly shorter. Though the weather conditions would not have much to add to the ornamental aspect of your garden, there still are many reasons to cheer about.

Health Benefits of Growing Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Quite recently, gardeners and farmers have been using a new method of gardening: Heirloom vegetable seeds. There are several reasons these vegetable seeds are chosen instead of using genetically altered or hybrid types of vegetable seeds. For one, gardening would never be the same again once you use heirloom seeds because the flavors are unmatched with organic veggies.

How to Care for Your Lawn or Garden

Caring for your lawn and your garden is an important thing for a lot of homeowners. Having a lush and green lawn can be a mark of pride for most people. They want visitors to notice and comment on how well kept their lawn is.

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