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Propagation of Plant Buds

Tips you should know about budding. A unique and common method of propagation. This method of propagation is a method that you can do with plants that you already have in your backyard and garden.

Building a Cheap and Effective Hydroponic Garden

A hydroponic garden can be an easy way to have an indoor garden. Most people think that a hydroponic garden is confusing and difficult, they are just misinformed.

Designing Your Indoor Garden

Your garden does not have to be boring inside. I believe many people shy away from an indoor garden is because of their lack of imagination on design. Since we are working with containers for gardening inside you can add life just by picking a unique set of containers to fill the area.

Easy Cloning Method

Cloning your fruiting plants can be beneficial in many ways. First you get a plant that you know exactly how it responds and how to treat it. Secondly you will never need to purchase that plant ever again.

Starting Your Indoor Herb Garden

First find the appropriate containers for location. I prefer something at least 20 inches in diameter. Search for my article designing your indoor garden for a few ideas on different types of containers you can use.

The Big Top Ten Organic Gardening Tips

By using only organic gardening supplies; your gardening tasks will be easier and more enjoyable. · Compost, an all natural soil amendment is made through the use of composters. Composters break down organic materials such as leaves, grass clippings, and food scraps to make a 100% organic, all natural soil additive.

How to Pour a Concrete Mold

So you want to learn how to pour a concrete mold? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. You just need this simple information, a few tools most everyone has around there home.

Organic Gardening – Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

Do you have a garden? Do you like to eat healthily? If you grow your own organic vegetables alongside your other plants, then you can have the freshest and best tasting vegetables on your table every day. Don’t pay inflated prices in the shops for organic vegetables that were picked days before when it is so simple to grow your own at a fraction of the price.

Jerusalem Artichoke and Moonlight

The Jerusalem artichoke, a large, potato-shaped tuber, is characterized by its sweet nutlike flavor. Contrary to popular notion, it neither tastes nor looks like the green or globe artichoke, and is not even related to it botanically. Grown under the proper moon phase this plant thrives.

Gardening in Planters, Containers and Garden Urns – Create Excitement in Your Garden Decor

Container gardening is one of the most pleasurable pastimes and is very rewarding with little effort. You get a special feeling of abundance seeing your deck or patio filled to overflowing with plant-packed containers and pots. Your deck garden is sure to give you a warm feeling and entice you to outdoor living.

Growing and Using Stevia

Stevia has so many uses that every gardener should find some room for it. You won’t run out of uses for the naturally sweet herb.

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