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How to Grow Bonsai – The Beautiful Styles of Bonsai

Bonsai trees are miniaturized versions of the bigger trees. These bonsai trees are shaped into many different styles and forms to please the beholder. These variations enhance the beauty of the trees themselves. The pots in which they are planted in must also be correlated to the style the tree is trained to be. These styles are formal upright, informal upright, cascade, semi cascade, slant and windswept. These are the different types of bonsai trees available for shaping, training or forming.

Winter Garden Care in a Mediterranean Climate – Why Mulching is Better Than Hoeing

In Mediterranean and other mild winter climates, the ground during the winter is usually soft enough to permit hoeing and other forms of cultivating. In fact hoeing the soil used to be the universally accepted method of breaking up the top surface that especially in heavy, clay soils, tends to cake after a rainfall.

Choosing the Right Amount of Pond Plants For Your Water Garden

Do you know how many pond plants you should have in your water garden? Establishing the correct amount of aquatic plants in your water garden is vital to water quality. The goal is to establish an ecological balance throughout your pond.

Growing and Caring For Tomatoes – Tips You Should Know

Tips you should know when growing and caring for tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of the most popular plants grown in the home garden.

Carrots Grow Best by the Moon

An easily grown vegetable and important source of vitamin A, carrots should occupy a prominent place in every home garden. Planting in the proper moon phase helps growth.

Explore the World of Garden Art

No homes are complete without a garden which is a place where one wishes to relax with friends and family. We often think of ways to decorate our homes but have we ever explored about garden art? It instantly peps up a picture perfect looks just as that right picture frame for your photo.

Metal Garden Accessories

There is practically no end to the kind of garden accessories one can use to decorate a garden. A perfect garden is always an asset not only considering the resale value of your house but also spiritual value as well. If you want to turn your garden into a paradise of your own then your problem ends here, because the market has almost any garden accessories you need to make your garden look spunky.

Creative Hardscaping With Retaining Walls

Much easier to plan for and install are stone or rock walls which most often serve as informal dividers between certain areas. Retaining walls are generally an easy do it yourself project.

Six Essential Tools For the Keen Gardener

How often have we heard the expression,’ you get what you pay for’? When it comes to purchasing tools, this is especially true. The keen gardener does not require a vast amount of tools or gadgets. No, much more important is to avoid cheap tools and instead go for good quality tools.

Gardening in Small Spaces

Even if your plot is no bigger than a few square meters it should be possible to develop a small charming garden. The design challenge is to utilize all space to create tantalizing glimpses of what appears to be larger than life.

Cabbage Planting and the Moon

Many gardeners prefer to grow their own cabbage plants from seed. Seeds will last for years. The early varieties grown from seed should, of course, get an early start in the greenhouse, or in a cool room or cellar during the proper phase of the moon.

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