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Composting 101: Basic Guide for Homeowners

Any homeowner regardless of the space they own can get into composting. You would be surprised that even those that are space-restricted (those who live in condominiums and apartments) can produce organic compost straight from their home. So learn how to create your own fertilizer by using just your food scraps and yard wastes. Know more of the basics to home composting by reading more from this article.

Composting Fallen Leaves

Nature has its ways of coping with the changes in time, just like the way each temperate season changes. Each season leaves behind something precious afterwards, like fallen leaves during autumn for instance. The leaves start to fall from the trees and shrubs at this point in time. But what can be done after these fallen leaves have been raked off from the ground? There are actually plenty of approaches, and one option is through composting.

Organic Gardening Methods: No-Till Gardening

Did you know that a garden that requires less tilling could save you a lot of time? It sure can! It can be very beneficial on your end since you’ll be relieved from doing much of the backbreaking organic gardening functions.

Soil Amendments

Did you know that a good production of compost soil has value to it? Other than containing a varied number of nutrients, it has also been considered as the earths own treasured ‘black gold’. Organic matter that is simply converted into soil amendments helps improve the properties of the soil, while keeping the earth also teeming with hale and hearty harvests.

The Pollination Process in Your Vegetable Garden

Recently I have written some vegetable gardening articles that have taken a turn towards more of a scientific approach, albeit entry level plant science as opposed to advanced horticulture, but very important, I believe, none the less. I wanted to touch on the process of pollination and what this process means for your vegetable garden.

You Can Grow Rosemary In A Container

You can grow rosemary in a container. These herb plants are ideal for growing in your favorite pots.  Because they usually need to be brought indoors for the winter, they are a perfect choice for container gardening.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

There is nothing better than sitting down to a fresh salad of crispy lettuce, firm pink tomatoes, onion, peppers and cucumber, all freshly picked from your own garden. There after, a beautiful baked potato, garnished With broccoli or cauliflower. Also from the soil of your own garden. The cost of this fresh healthy food, almost nothing.

Constructing A Grow Box That Produces Results

People everywhere love growing their own fruits and vegetables, but very few have the space to do it in. Anyone can grow correctly and in a very small space today because grow technologies have evolved so much. Today, growing vegetables is efficient and safe, without all the bad factors classic grow containers come with.

The Multitude of Orchid Species Found on Planet Earth

There are many orchid species around the world that are available to grow in your home. If you want to discover the easiest types of orchids that you should be growing in your home that are simple and not complicated, then it is important that you read this entire article. Learn about the two easiest flowers of this species that will allow you to see their full beauty easily and quickly.

The Role Of An Orchid Farm

An orchid farm has an important role to play. Besides providing beauty, orchids also make up the largest plant family. Orchids grow wild in many countries around the world.

3 Cool Gardening Things to Learn About This Holiday Weekend

This weekend my family and I will be busy in the festivities of Christmas and even though this time of the year here in NJ means it’s cold, neither the holiday nor the weather deters me from wanting to know and learn more about vegetable gardening. I put together three things that I find fascinating and hopefully you will too.

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