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Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds are seeds that result from the cross pollination of two or more different types of a particular species of plant. For example, a Neptune Tomato plant that is cross pollinated with a Stupice Tomato plant will result in fruit bearing hybrid seeds. The seeds taken from this fruit will contain the genes from both tomato plants.

Best Topiary Plants And Trees For Your Garden

Topiary is the art of cutting and trimming foliage of plants, shrubs and trees to form an artistic shape. This horticulture practice dates back to the early Roman era when people used to create artistic forms out of beautiful evergreen shrubs and trees.

Bokashi Composting Instructions

A step by step guide on how to carry out Bokashi composting in your home. It’s the perfect way to recycle your kitchen scraps.

What To Expect When Growing Inside And Your Taste For Exotic Plants

In the past, people were subject to their climates when it referred to what they could grow and when they may grow it, but now, with the assistance of technology, we might do nearly anything when we set our minds to it, and gardening is no exception. Without having to worry about any exterior interferences or rough weather that could have a negative effect on their growth by relocating your garden indoors and making an isolated grow area, you can give your plants everything they require to thrive.

Raising the Vegetable Garden

Raised vegetable gardens, can be built in most gardens or courtyards even if all the courtyard is paved. Raised vegetable gardens allow for easier maintenance, less bending and if designed correctly a place to sit. They work well at heights of more than 300mm especially if they are placed over existing paving in a courtyard. Good controlled quality soil mixes can be used to start the growing medium before other organic fertilizers are added.

Reasons For Creating Your Very Own Container Garden

In this article we will explore some effective ways to still enjoy the advantages of a garden without actually having a “traditional” garden. This is especially helpful to those who can’t keep a traditional garden due to health, age, accessibility or space restrictions.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse – Operating Disease Free For Optimum Harvest

What new geodesic dome greenhouse gardeners often don’t know is insect and disease problems are different inside a greenhouse than they are out in the garden or in a field. So, special care will be required to keep your plants happy and healthy and the bountiful harvest rolling in.

Is Vermicompost and Vermicastings the Same?

Vermicompost definitely has its other names, and vermicastings would be one of them. But other than that, worm compost can also be referred to as red wiggler worms casting, worm manure, humus, poop, or black gold.

Teaching Kids to Look After the Earth Through Organic Gardening Efforts

Teaching kids to be more environmentally aware has been both challenging and fun. Not only are these young children being taught about taking care of the Earth. They’re also being immersed on the advantages to helping out Mother Nature through organic gardening. Planting a vegetable garden also teaches kids the value of producing their own crops from scratch.

Composting Types: Turning Organic Trash Into Black Gold

Turning your garbage into a much finer resource goes through a natural process, which there are three basic types used to composting organic wastes. You can choose to convert your food and garden scraps through either an aerobic, anaerobic, or vermicomposting method.

What Is Aquaponics and How This System Can Suit Your Needs

Who else wants to grow an healthy abundant organic garden at home and almost in autopilot even if you don’t have land? This article describes what is Aquaponics, how such a system can help you to provide good healthy and inexpensive organic food to your family, and why it is simple, easy to set up and so convenient for you.

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