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Reusing Things In The Garden

It’s easy to reuse things to save money in the garden. This list of suggestions can help you start reusing more things than you’d imagine!

4 Beautiful Ways to Design Your Fresh Flowers

So you just went and bought a gorgeous set of flowers that you want to put up in your house. But you haven’t figured out what to do with them, or come up with any great ideas for home decorating. You really want to do something cute with them, but all you can think of is to dump them in that vase on the table.

Ideas for the Perfect Small Garden

A small plot of land filled with lots of flowers, green plants and lush green grass is what we lovingly call a garden. It acts as a perfect relaxation spot for workaholics. A stroll in the garden every morning and evening can make your day.

Can You Use Fluorescent Grow Lights to Grow Plants All Year Round?

Most of a plant’s vegetative growth occurs early on in the growing season and tapers off as the plant prepares itself for fruiting in the warmer months. To help make sure your plant produces a good harvest, you need to make sure it has grown well during this early phase. The challenge is getting enough light during the colder months to achieve this, and that’s where you can boost your plant’s growth using a grow light for indoor plants.

How to Incorporate Recycled Materials Into Your Garden, Saving You Money

PALLETS – Pallets are probably the best resource I came across. They are free and provide endless possibilities. I used them to build my fence around my garden, as well as the planter boxes, benches, and decorative touches.

Creating and Maintaining a Garden Pond

Having a pond enhances your garden in many ways. Ponds are both aesthetically pleasing and good for attracting all sorts of wildlife to your garden. And if you add a water feature, the gentle sound of bubbling water can add a very relaxing element to your garden. Here are a few general tips on how to create and maintain a garden pond and what sort of plants you can grow in and around it.

Creating Your Own Hanging Baskets

If you have ever wondered how to make a lovely hanging basket then this explains some of the secrets. Easy to make hanging basket hints and advice.

How to Maintain a Beautiful Garden and Landscape

Whenever a person needs to improve the look of their house, it is always advised to have a proper garden design. The landscaping garden ideas may include any form of flowers and plants that can be grown in a systematic and maintained order. This is because, if a garden is left unattended, weeds may grow and it will ruin the garden’s look.

10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Garden

It’s the time for looking back and looking forward, the threshold of a new year. Gardening is an exercise in optimism, especially in the winter when everything is still possible. We check things off in catalogs and draw little circles on graph paper or the back of an envelope, asking questions like “What worked this year that we can repeat? What failed? How big will that get? Should we try that one in a different spot?”

Fall Flower Planting

Nature plants most of her seeds in the fall. In the wild, flowers bloom and ripen all season. They “plant” themselves by dropping their seeds where they are, or sending them off on the wind, or sticking them in clever ways to people and animals to drop elsewhere.

Plant Trees and Shrubs in February in Southern California

Southern California cities average about seven days of rainy weather in February meaning there is still plenty of sunny days to plant trees and shrubs and prepare gardens for spring. Plant Trees and Shrubs: Planting trees and shrubs is relatively simple. First, dig a hole twice as wide but just as deep as the tree’s root ball.

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