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Flowers That Are In Season

Do you know what flowers are in season for a particular month? No? Then read on!

Plant a Water-Saving Garden in March

A garden can be a good source of vegetables, fruit and fresh flowers, but it can often be difficult to maintain when water conservation is required. To reap the most from a garden, even with little rain, plan ahead.

How Is a Japanese Garden Like a Hawaiian Garden?

Tropical Gardens are a beautiful addition to a home. This article explains how Japanese Gardens and Hawaiian Gardens are similarly exotic and beautiful.

Basic Things to Know About Bonsai Trees

Imagine your home adorned with different forms of bonsai. Such little trees will certainly beautify and add coziness to your household. Growing bonsai trees is more than just a planting activity; it is more than just a hobby.

Taking Care of Indoor Bonsai Trees

Are you thinking of adorning your house with indoor bonsai trees? Definitely, such miniature trees will be very refreshing to look at. They will add beauty to your home and give relaxation to your tired body and mind.

Bonsai Care for Beginners: Basic Things to Know About Maintaining a Bonsai Garden

Have you ever thought of starting a bonsai garden at home? Indeed, the sight of different bonsai trees is very pleasing to the eye. However, it is slightly intimidating to maintain a bonsai garden.

Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardening

How do you find the Best Organic Fertilizer for your Vegetable Garden? If you want your vegetables to have optimal nutrition and your plant to have maximum yields keep reading!

The Science Behind Hydroponics

Growing hydroponically is a special way of caring for plants. What makes it different, from the first sight, is the fact that instead of in soil, plants grow in a liquid. Apart from this, however, there are many differences and they are all in the science.

Mulch Supplies: 15 Types of Mulch

Mulching can greatly improve not just the health of your plants but also the appearance of your yard as a whole. But choosing the wrong type of mulch can do harm instead of good. So check out the different types of mulch to determine which one you should choose.

Grow Your Own Organic Spinach

Growing your own spinach is something you can do indoors, outdoors, in a traditional garden or an aquaponic system. It is a crop you can easily grow year round, so that you always have fresh, organic spinach ready to use in the kitchen.

So You Want to Plant a Tropical Garden?

Tropical gardening is new for many people. Those coming from colder climates want to “jump right in” and start planting. Read these tips and you’ll be on your way.

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