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Getting Into Orchids

What I have to share about orchids is the result of reading and trial and error. But once you get into these wonders of the plant world, they open up a whole new horticultural experience.

Gypsum – Composition and Uses

Gypsum is composed of calcium, sulfate, and water, has a chemical symbol of CA SO4 2H2O. It is an abundant natural mineral, which originated from the drying out of ancient seas and is quarried or mined in many parts of the world. Plants use almost as much calcium as phosphorus.

Start Herb Garden Enjoyment

An introduction to herb gardening. Information is included that will give a newcomer insight into what is involved in being a successful herb gardening.

Finding the Right Wholesale Roses

Wholesale roses get a bad rap. After all, anything you buy in bulk automatically can’t be of high quality, right? Wrong! This line of thinking is totally off base.

Think Growing Gorgeous Roses is Difficult? Here’s Some FAQ to Make it Really Easy

In a way, to grow and care for roses is very similar to getting a baby-it requires a lot of attention and more effort to keep it growing to its best. Amateur rose enthusiasts are easily discouraged by the requirements of the rose plant and there are many questions arising about how roses should best be cared for. In this article, we go through some FAQ one by one and provide you with ample answers for you to start growing healthy roses easily.

Grow-Box Sizes – What’s Best and Why

There are production and efficiency-related reasons for the sizes recommended for your Grow-Boxes or soil-beds. Do not make the mistake of thinking any size is just fine, or you will discover that you are not getting the yields you expected. Remember, the “poor man’s hydroponic method” is a recipe!

Finding the Right Wholesale Flowers

Wholesale flowers can’t be bought just anywhere. You have to find a wholesaler that deals with individuals. Then, you have to find flowers that live up to your high quality standards. It’s not always easy, but the time and effort you put into finding the best price on quality flowers will pay off exponentially in the long run.

Homemade Hydroponic System – Why Setup Your Own Hydroponic System at Home

Hydroponics is considered the gardening of the future. It makes gardening possible without the need for soil. The lack for space for soil can hinder garden enthusiasts to grow their own plants at the comforts of their own home. That is where a homemade hydroponic system comes in.

Herb Gardens For Beginners – A Kit Might Be Best

From an indoor stance, dealing with less plants in a smaller area, it is much easier to learn about each of your favorites and to watch their progression, making adjustments as need be. The best herb gardens for beginners come in the form of kits, and you might pick…

Hydrangeas – How Do They Grow?

Hydrangeas come from a family of over 23 species with blooms in the summertime. The H. macrophyllas which include the mop heads and lace caps are the most common variety and come in colors of blue and pink. They make excellent border plants.

Small Garden, Large Yields

Container gardening is not a new concept by any means and the benefits of gardening using containers far outweighs the conventional gardening methods. Using containers to grow your vegetable garden in help retain much needed moisture. Containers also are much easier to take care of and keep the soil tilled. This helps the vegetable plants stay strong and produce plants that are more yielding.

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