GOP Rep Worries Pointing Out Extremism Among Some Veterans Will ‘Stigmatize’ All Veterans

5000K CFL – Answering Common Questions About Full Spectrum Light

What is natural full spectrum light? You hear the term full spectrum light thrown around a bit too often. You can find a 5000K CFL at very affordable rates. However, natural full spectrum light is not quite the same as light bulb full spectrum.

Gardening in Limited Space

Many people enjoy the flavor and quality of garden fresh vegetables as well as a feeling of accomplishment from growing their own. Busy lifestyles, both family members working, and limited space of urban lots creates a need for an approach other than traditional vegetable gardening. As a result, gardeners want good production from limited space which may even include containers on patios, decks or balconies. There are several space-saving gardening methods that may be used.

Garden Design: The Natural Palette

Well-designed gardens and landscapes, no matter how varied in style and period, all have certain basic design principles at their core. To create a masterful garden, there must be attention to: unity, scale, space division, light and shade, texture, and tone and color. Garden designers must also consider maturation of plants and seasonal changes. Finally, there is time-a design principle not required by other fine and decorative arts.

The Roots or History of Organic Vegetable Gardening

Do you know the history of what we call ‘Organic Gardening?’ Read on to learn fascinating facts about it and what we can do today to promote our health, sustainability, and environment…

How to Bloom Orchids All Year Round?

The trick in learning how to bloom orchids is to simply trick the flower into blooming. To begin the slow but quick change process, you will need to move your orchid away from the spot that it loves. While the orchid is in the new location, you should water it but not as often as usual. You want the potting mixture to dry out as this is what happens in its natural habitat. This again is another sign that the “seasons” are changing and another step in learning how to bloom orchids. The final step is to remove the orchid from its “winter” location and move it back to its original spot. You could try an alternative way to get your orchid to bloom. Learning how to bloom orchids may not be something everyone will want to try, but it is possible.

Propagating Orchids? You Can Do It!

You absolutely love your orchid and would like to have another just like it. You have looked and looked but are unable to find one that matches. Why not create another one yourself? Propagating orchids can be done in a number of ways; choose the best one for you.

Different Types of Ferns for Your Home Garden

There are many varieties of fern plants that can be grown in home gardens for ornamental purposes. They look dramatic in pots or containers and can be grown indoors as well. They are excellent for landscaping and can really transform the entire garden.

Callicarpa – Growing Beauty Berry

Many believe that, as the autumn rids the trees of leaves, the herbaceous borders of plants and signals the approach of winter, the garden fades out of existence. However, this is a time of great change in the garden and one which you can fill with glorious colour if you carefully selected specimens to add some vivacity to the bland tones of the colder months. And if you want an absolutely stunning shrub which will provide year round colour before unveiling luminous berries in the cold snap, then Callicarpa is for you.

October Gardening Tips and Snips

Keeping Summer Bedding Plants – During October you may be able to pot up into larger pots some of those cuttings of half-hardy bedding plants you took during august. If you planted your cuttings into trays now is the time to select the best and pot them into individual pots, throw away any that are not doing as well.

Orchid Repotting – Why, When and How?

You may be wondering why orchid repotting in necessary. It’s because they have outgrown their current pot and we would like to transfer them into a larger pot. Another reason would be to change the pot in order to match the decor of your home; or perhaps to replace a damaged pot. It is important to know that the orchid repotting process will not harm your orchid. Generally speaking, the orchid repotting process is generally done during the early spring. Preparing the area where the repotting will occur, having everything you need available before beginning the process, having patience, and not being rushed for time will allow you to repot your orchid without any mishaps. Gently remove the orchid from its pot and use your chosen long and straight object to remove all of the potting material from between its roots. When you are ready to replace the orchid, place the potting material into the bottom of the pot.

How to Control Weeds in Flower Beds – Find Out How to Prevent/Reduce Weed Growth

If you are taking care of your flowers by watering and feeding them, the weeds are just as happy to thank you because of your continuous love for your plants – which the weeds too, will grow healthy and compete with your flowers, your crops and your garden. One of the big problems in gardening is letting the weeds take over your plants. To control weeds organically means to keep them at a minimum and not destroy them.

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