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Reasons To Grow Your Own Garden

There are many reasons to grow your own garden, some of which include the availability of fresh produce when needed, and the absence of pesticides on produce. It is also good exercise that can help you to stay in shape. In addition, it also gives you a chance for some fresh air, which is essential for good health.

Tips For Growing A Patio Garden

Patio gardens are becoming more popular as more and more people are confined to an apartment or other buildings where there is no access to a garden. One of the reasons is to avoid the harmful pesticides that are often found on conventional produce. It is also very convenient to have fresh produce on hand when needed.

Tips For Growing An Indoor Garden

Growing an indoor garden does not have to be any more complicated than growing an outdoor, or a patio garden. With new technologies such as growing lights and hydroponics it can be done, and be just as effective and tasty as anything that is allowed to grow naturally under the sun.

Build a Compost Bin for Your Home or Community Gardens in 2 Hours That Is Effective and Low Budget

I moved into my new historic area home this past year and began enjoying the camaraderie at our community garden. The ineffective compost bin quickly caught my attention. Consulting our members I was encouraged to improve the composting effort. I enthusiastically volunteered, welcoming the opportunity to experiment by asking myself how do I build a compost bin.

Tips For Growing An Indoor Herb Garden

Growing and indoor herb garden is very easy, and it is a great way to enjoy fresh herbs whenever you need them. Herbs are great for flavoring many foods, and therefore eliminate the need for processed flavorings, which are often laden with preservatives and other food additives.

Disadvantages Of A Patio Garden

Those who are confined to city living do not always have access to a yard wherein they can plant a garden. Therefore, a patio garden becomes their next best option in order to be able to enjoy freshly picked vegetables and herbs during the summer months. However, as good as a patio garden may be, there are some disadvantages of having one.

Gardening With Self Sowing Papaver Somniferums

Gardening can be a funny hobby when you look at its fundamentals. Many gardeners will spend hours weeding out natural flowers and weeds only to replace them with domesticated and hybridized varieties of the very plants that have been removed. If you are attempting to mimic Mother Nature in your garden weeding can become even more bizarre, as you’re actually removing the steps made by nature to create the most natural planting scheme possible.

Discover The Excitement Of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic systems are improving all the time and they can be set up from simple systems as in a foam box to the more complicated systems such as vertical gardens. Like anything new, it takes some time to learn the basics, but once you have there are definitely a lot of benefits. Find out more about hydroponics.

How to Get a Beautiful Lawn

Getting your lawn looking at its best takes a lot of hard work and all year round. The beautiful green grass that you see in some of the magazine takes a little more than the odd mowing. To get the best out of your lawn is a year round job which starts from March to May when the lawn needs to be fertilised.

Understanding How Colour Works in the Garden

This article explains what colour is and how to use different colours in your garden. Colour can affect our moods, making us feel happy or sad. It can also be manipulated to make a garden look bigger, smaller, warmer or cooler. Because the sunlight in Australia is so strong, the best time of day is early in the morning or early evening whereas in England the best light is in the middle of the day.

Rebuilding Soil – Organic Matter

Organic matter as a soil amendment in your organic garden beds will greatly improve its structure and health. Soil nutrients get depleted over time if the soil in your garden is overused. Feed the soil and it will provide the crops you are growing the nutrients and support they need to thrive.

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