Grassley Details Letter Sent To Mayorkas Over Attacks On Agriculture

How to Plan the Design and Layout of Your Organic Garden

Do you want to layout your organic garden in such a way that it will be both pleasing to the eyes and functional? This article will tell you several ways on how you can do this.

Extraordinary Herb Garden Plants

Creation in itself is amazing. We only have to look at nature to know that this earth was created by design and not evolution. How can chance (evolution) have happened in such an organized and pre-programmed fashion so that everything in nature happens and fit together like they do? Evolution is like throwing a bunch of pencils onto the ground and expecting them to somehow get reorganised into a tidy bunch again, by themselves!

Transplanting Roses Safely

In an ideal world you’d leave the transplanting of any plant until after its growing season has ended in the fall, and before the sap starts to rise the following spring. But, you never know, it may happen someday, that you have a rose that needs to be moved. Maybe it’s because the site isn’t getting as much light as you’d originally thought, or that particular rose doesn’t fit in with the color scheme after all, or maybe you’ve finally managed to sell your house, you want to take this particular rose with you.

Rose Bushes and Greenfly

Insects in the garden can be beneficial, but not greenfly and certainly not to my pride and joy. I realize that greenfly are the natural prey of some of the larger insects in my garden. Insects like the lacewings, the hoverflies, wasps and the ladybugs.

3 Easy Steps to Start Your Home Herb Garden

If you’ve ever thought that it would be really nice to be able to grow herbs for cooking, tea, or even medicinal reasons, you’ll be glad to know that having a home herb garden is easy to do. Not only is it easy, you don’t even need a lot of room or a big yard.

Worm Farming

Worm farming is a big step toward making your household environmentally friendly and our planet a little greener. You won’t find an easier way to do that than worm farming. Below, you will find out exactly what worm farms are and learn about the benefits of worm farming.

Herb Garden Information For Beginners

A collection of herb garden information has been saved since the days of the early Egyptian and Chinese cultures. Even in the bible and other medieval records, early man has made use of the indigenous herbs in their regions. For early man, herbs were used to make bland food more desirable to eat.

Rose Bush Pruning Techniques You Must Use For a Beautiful Garden

Essential to your rose bush health are pruning techniques that will benefit the growth, production and beauty of your plants. Pruning enables your roses to focus their energy on new growth and other healthy habits. If you are afraid to prune be prepared for a low production garden.

3 More Helpful Kitchen Herbs For Your Italian Herb Garden

Can’t get enough of kitchen herbs? Here are 3 more at your disposal.

3 Herbs For Your Italian Herb Garden

Love everything Italian? Then try to include gardening in your everyday life. Here are 3 herbs to start you off.

Bitter Herbs – How to Grow Bitter Herbs Successfully

Do you want to grow bitter herbs? They are easy to grow and are very beneficial to your health because of their natural chemicals and rich properties essential for your body.

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