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Garden Sense – Garden Harvest

Well, it’s that time of year again. The garden is in harvesting mode. How to keep up with it all can be quite an ordeal. Having a big freezer helps. We have been able to put all of our berries for jelly making in the freezer for the time being. We will get to those later.

Starting Your Own Rose Garden – Tips and Trips to Get You Going

If you are about to start with a rose garden, you might think that it’s too daunting for you at first. One thing you could do is go to your local garden center and be inspired. You will see what seeing so many colors, sizes, different types of roses will do to your creativity.

What Are the Best Culinary Herbs For Your Garden?

This is a collection of the best culinary herbs for those gardeners who want to know what herbs are most useful and popular for a kitchen herb garden. The herbs are listed in order of popularity and each has a little general information and tips on growing.

How to Prune Double Knockout Roses

Double knockout roses add amazing color to a garden, but most people choose them because of their relative ease of care. The amount of pruning that this popular variety in a rose will need is an easy task that will not take a large amount of your time, and for the first two to three years, you will not even have to worry about pruning at all.

How to Grow Your Garden Peas

Growing garden peas can be a lot of fun to do and watch grow, especially if growing the tall specimens. The tall types of peas will need some sort of support as they grow tall. A trellis is a good idea, but even chicken wire or large mesh netting attached to poles down the center of the row might work even better. If your patch is near a fence you can string thin twine across the fence and train the vines in that manner.

Information About Plant Nutrients

It is essential to feed plants regularly but too little food or food in excessive amounts is not advisable. Advising on fertilizing plants is a challenging job. There are many factors that affect the fertilization like soil types, climatic conditions, existing nutrients etc.

Tips to Grow Nutrient Rich Plants!

All of us have heard about the importance of green food. However, only few of us realize how essential it is to grow a healthy plant and supply proper nutrients to it so that the food supply remains uninterrupted.

Garden Herbs and Plants

Most herb gardeners who are just starting out need a lot of help in figuring out which garden herbs and plants will go best with their garden. It’s up to the gardener to decide whether or not he or she is planting herbs for cooking, tea drinking, or garden decoration. Either way, here’s a list of popular garden herbs and plants which are easy to use and readily available almost anywhere.

Taking Care of Your Garden Lawn

A well taken care of garden adds warmth to your home. You can have a perfect garden through good garden lawn care. There are a number of garden lawn care tools that will help you maintain your lawn.

Cordless Grass Trimmers – Great Advantages

Taking care of your garden can be easier using a Cordless Grass Trimmer. Using the right equipment can make gardening fun and quick, read this article on how you can use a cordless grass trimmer in your gardening today

Growing Tips For Climbers and Vines

This article provides an introduction into the world of climbers and vines that you can grow easily in your garden. These beautiful plants are both practical and for show and this article hopes to give some tips on where to site them and how to make sure they thrive for years to come.

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