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How Do I Make My Own Liquid Lawn Fertilizer?

Improve your garden and save money by making your own liquid lawn fertilizer. 2 methods are included along with step by step instructions.

Understanding Fertilizer Labels

What’s in fertilizer? What do the Fertilizer ingredients do? The numbers on any bag of fertilizer refers to the volume/percentage of primary nutrients found inside. The primary nutrients in fertilizer are: nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) potassium (K).

How to Best Maximize Your Garden in 10 Steps

10 simple steps to making you and your garden more efficient. Maximizing your gardens potential while saving you time and money!

Basic Fundamental Requirements For Planning A Garden

It’s Spring. It’s time to energize yourself and the yard.Start by planning a garden. Acquiring basic knowledge about plants’ needs will help achieve a successful garden.

Plants for May

Summer is finally on its way and the garden is beginning to burst with colour. Here are just a few of the plants you might like to choose to make your garden really stand out this month.

Now It’s Easy To Grow Vegetables With Aquaponics

The latest type of gardening without soil is known as aquaponics and turns out to be a simple way to grow a garden. The great thing about this type of gardening is that you can grow vegetables while growing eatable fish providing for a diversified variety of food.

5 Simple Steps To Use Vinegar For Eliminating Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats or dark-winged fungus gnats are little, mosquito-like insects that are usually found hovering around indoor plants. But unlike mosquitoes, adult fungus gnats are harmless because they do not bite. These pesky insects are considered as plant pests because their larvae often develop in the growing medium of most houseplants.

Growing Roses the Right Way

A guide to planting, growing and caring for bright, healthy, and amazing roses. Caring for them takes knowledge, skill, time, commitment and patience.

10 Tips for Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a hot new trend. Here are 10 tips for making that perfect vertical garden.

Tips From Lawn Care Experts

Proper ventilation of the root system will help grass grow healthier. Knowing when to water your lawn will help it consume less water. Knowing when to cut it and to what height will help stimulate new growth.

Organic Squash Seeds Provide Nutrition From Patty Pan to Turk’s Turban

Organic squash seeds have been used for centuries to provide nutritious food that can be naturally stored for months. The seeds alone provide high levels of protein, while their produce can be baked, boiled, or in some cases, eaten raw.

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