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Aquaponics Supplies – Grow Media

Aquaponics systems can be categorized two different ways. Those system which do not utilize some sort of grow media and those which require it. A good example of an aquaponics design which uses grow media is the flood and drain system. In this type of system the roots of the plants are immersed in grow media consisting of material such as gravel or porous clay pellets. The water from the fish tank is cycled in and out the media providing the plants with nutrients.

Aeroponic System Creates the Best Biggest Baddest Tomato and Other Plants

I have spent a long time perfecting different gardening systems. I have used hydroponics for a long time in large spaces to quickly generate many plants. Aeroponic’s have been the latest evolution, which I am very excited about. Much of my time gardening has been developing and refining my methods, and friends call and look to me for advice.

Compost Tumbler

What is a compost tumbler? A compost tumbler is a container used to facilitate the decomposition of organic materials by turning them.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Grow Media For Your Aquaponics Garden

There are several factors to consider when choosing the proper grow media for your aquaponics garden. First of all will base the type of media you choose on the design of your system. Is it a flood and drain system or a recirculating continuous flow system? If it is a deep water raft system you will not be concerned because no grow media is used. Other factors to consider is cost and availability of the grow media.

Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Coming up with your own landscaping idea. It isn’t all that easy to always come up with your own landscaping idea. Actually most folks will need some help with their landscaping, it’s a good thing that it isn’t hard to find a landscaping idea to use.

You Need Composting Worms

If you are composting, this article will help you with what you need to understand what they do and the environment they need to thrive. You will also learn the best worms for composting. They have been the machine of turning plant material in to great compost, plus they create worm manure, also known as worm castings.

Composting Garbage Into Organic Gold

If you eat organic vegetables, grow some of your own food, or if you want to, this article is for you. Compost is considered “Black Gold” when it is grown organically. Nothing is better for your food or this planet than recycling right at the site of use. The question is do you know how to do it properly? In this article, we will show you what to place into your compost bin, what type of compost bin will work for you, then, we will share how to use that “Black Gold” to provide nutrients to your plants and garden.

Pruning Tomato Plants

Pruning tomato plants is not widely promoted. Most people think you throw the seeds in the ground, and they grow. This article is going to show you how it produces growth, why you want to prune your growing plant and then share with you the difference between those that need little pruning and those that need more. You will gain the ability to choose which plants to grow, why you want to prune, and how growing tomato plants thrive to produce more fruit.

Gardening With Small Containers

Growing plants in small containers can be relaxing, fun and healthy. Add that special look to your yard, deck or patio that only a small plant can create.

Tips For Building a Victorian Style Greenhouse

A Victorian style greenhouse is a commonly built greenhouse. It is generally not as easy to build as a hoop greenhouse or grow rack greenhouse. This is because it has a gable or A-frame roof. This is a two-sided roof with each side being the same length and slope.

Life Lessons Reinforced by Gardening

Most enjoy the peace and quiet that gardening often offers. Sometimes they might even do some of their best thinking while gardening.

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