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Christmas Boxes

Just like the glass terrariums, it may be simple but filling it with some ornaments like ribbons, silver bells, miniature nativities and some colorful penlights could me dazzling. Glass terrariums have some options to either hang or attached on walls.

Herb Garden Plants to Enhance Your Landscape and So Much More

When you hear the phrase, Herb Garden Plants, what comes to mind? Do you see witches casting spells, a small bottle of a magical potion, or an amulet containing herbs? Do you see a medicine man or monk with their assortment of herbs for healing? Do you see an old farmhouse with bundles of herbs hanging from the rafters and drying?

Five Tips on Orchid Pruning

Although orchid pruning is not a difficult task there are some factors that you must consider before you pick up your pruning shears. The first thing to consider is the appropriate time when you should be pruning your plant.

Save Water, Save Money, Save The Planet – Tap Security

We are all familiar with the saying save the planet, save water, perhaps the correct saying should be save money, save water, save the planet. In today’s economic climate it is often very difficult to keep in mind the green issues that impact us all on a daily basis; we are all well aware of methods of saving water such as…

How To Prepare Soil and Hydroponic Media Before Potting

To gain the best from your plants you as a grower are required to prepare your soil and media for the seedling, cutting or seed to start it’s life in the best possible surroundings. Media and soil manufacturers will of course prepared the basis of the media on offer, by this they would of added buffer’s and minerals that release into the soil or media when contacted with liquid nutrients or the plants root zone.

Selecting Excellent Soil for Grapes Growing

Growing grapes will require plenty of time and does need persistence. If you want everything to be really rapid and your harvest perfect in one year then do not start planting grapes.

Maintaining Rose Gardens

The beauty of roses are still unsurpassed. As time goes by more and more varieties are introduced in the market. This is not however a very mysterious thing because we know well how we value the decorative as well as the other several purposes of roses.

The Rabbit Won, For Now

Rabbits are cute and cuddly, especially when they are pet rabbits. But wild rabbits, not so much. In the wild they have natural enemies that keep the population down. They go lipperty lipperty all over the countryside foraging for food and finding homes in the rocks and holes in the ground. But in town they are a nuisance. This is a humorous account of one rabbit and one home owner who… well you’ll see.

Grow Your Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs

Named after the handsome Greek boy, Narcissus is a kind of white trumpeted flower with strong scents. Although originally cultivated in Europe and Asian, it is currently planted all around the world. As a member of the whole Narcissus family, Paperwhites can not compete in size with other family members like Daffodils and Jonquils, but its fragrance make it outstanding in all Narcissus members. Most paperwhite narcissus have white flowers while some species have trumpet shaped flowers in yellow too.

Grape Growing – What’s the Finest Climate?

You need to be really cautious and offer excellent care when growing grapes. The weather where grapes grow is very important for getting a great harvest.

Grape Growing History

Grape growing history is essentially dated ever since Neolithic periods and we really have proof that people were refining grapes then to create wines. It all began around 5 BC which last till today.

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