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Soil-Less Indoor Gardening – Provide the Easy Life For Your Plants

There are a variety of benefits associated with soil less or hydroponic gardening. This is the easy life for your plants. The plants roots don’t have to search for food and water like they do in soil. The food and water is brought directly to them, all they have to do is grow and enjoy the easy life. In order to know what to expect when attempting your own hydroponic garden you have to know what a hydroponic garden is. Once you understand what this type of gardening entails, you will be more aware of what to expect when constructing a garden of this nature for yourself.

Don’t Lose Those Valuable Crops to Our Feathered Friends

If you grow fruit, the only way to make sure that you enjoy the crop rather than the birds is to erect a permanent fruit cage. Ideally, it’s best to consider the area to be planted, build the cage and then plant within its limits. But if you already have trees and bushes, it is possible to build around them, although it may not be as convenient.

Fruit Trees For a Small Garden

Fruit trees are beautiful, useful and cut down our carbon footprint. What could be better in a small garden?

The Art of Growing and Showing Loganberrys

Among the many edible-berried plants that have been introduced into gardens during the last one hundred years none is of greater value than the humble Loganberry. The Loganberry is the result of a cross between the Blackberry plant and the Raspberry plant. It has never been so popular to eat in its raw state as either the Blackberry or the Raspberry; both of these garden berries have a sweet taste, whereas the Loganberry has a somewhat acid flavour, but if used for making Loganberry Jam.

Gardener, What of Your Compost Heap?

Where it is possible to make compost, this is the best material of all for the gardener to use. All kinds of green material and garden waste can be incorporated in the heap including annual weeds. Grass Mowings, Hedge Trimmings, Pea, Tomato and Bean haulm, old flower stems and so on.

The Art of Growing and Showing Fuchsia

I would like to show you a number of different ways that you can grow your Fuchsia plants in hanging Baskets, as well as growing Fuchsia’s in many more containers. Some Fuchsia Nurseries and Garden Centres will supply a ready made hanging basket, in the basket they will also insert other so called hanging plants these plants make a well designed basket look rubbish.

Pest Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

Not counting stray dogs, curious cats and the neighbor’s children, there are more than 100,000 pests, fungus or insects which a gardener may have to face, although the varieties in the average garden may not run to above 500, and the majority of these may be present in insignificant proportion. The presence of pests to the extent of interfering seriously with the success of the garden is at once a challenge and a criticism of the gardener’s skill. Biologically it suggests that some phase or phases of gardening operations are being neglected.

The Loss of All the Herbaceous Borders

I would like to review the demise of the Herbaceous Border. It is a sad reflection upon us the modern gardener that we cannot find the time to do all those things in the garden we should. This is in spite of reduced working hours and the skill of many tradesmen and technicians, who continually produce labor saving accessories to make life very much easier for us. The leisurely pace of the last 20 years has been lost to the gardener who has not produced that wonderful display of Herbaceous and Perennials somewhere in their garden.

Grow Your Own Greenhouse

Your own organic food factory in a glasshouse. Understand the shapes and sizes of greenhouses available Short tips and hints on some of the crops you can grow.

What Kind of Greenhouse Should I Build?

What type of Greenhouse Should I Build? Many people are interested in building an inside garden, and want the ability to use a Hobby Greenhouse Structure to achieve this but most are at a loss as to where to begin planning. This is really easy once the first few questions are answered.

The Living Fossil – Ginkgo Biloba

Do you want to plant a unique tree in your landscape, but are not sure what will survive in your soil? Try a Ginkgo.

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