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Tips for Choosing Hedge Trimmers

The days of spending hours and getting blisters trimming the hedge or pruning your favourite bushes are over. Throw away those manual trimmers and get into powered hedge trimmers. But before you rush out to the nearest shop, think a little bit about what your needs are, then you will be more likely to come home with the right trimmer for the job. Here are some considerations to take into account.

Growing Vegetables From Seed

Many home gardeners prefer growing vegetables from seed. It’s much cheaper than buying seedlings, as a packet of seeds only costs a couple dollars and you get heaps of seeds in it. What this means is that each plant will only cost a few cents, and in most cases less than a cent.

Good Value Flowers for Spring

Flower gardens are usually a riot of colour in the spring as many gardeners cannot wait to plant spring flowers. It seems sad that this lovely spring flush does not last very long in many cases.

Bonsai Techniques Part 2

To grow a bonsai tree many find or seem to think that the skill involved takes a great deal of time and effort or discipline. I am not saying that it doesn’t take skill or effort but for someone starting out they should not be put off or discouraged by technical terms but encourage through clear and practical steps.

Tips For Using Hydroton in Hydroponics

Hydroton is the most admired growing medium in hydroponics due to its adaptability. It works very well with deep water culture, drip system, and ebb and flow system.

Purple Martin Bird Houses: How to Keep Them Coming Back

Purple Martin Bird Houses are large bird houses and are put up by a number of people. However a large amount of people who use these bird houses find it difficult to attract or keep breeding purple martins. Most often it is found that once purple martins nest in your location they come back as long as their site is managed properly. The following tips will increase your chances of attracting martins and keeping them.

Epazote: How to Dry This Herb at Home

Epazote is an herb that grows as an annual plant in warmer climates. Its leaves are harvested and used, dried, as a spice in Mexican cooking. Epazote has the advantage of aiding in the digestion of beans, making it a popular addition to dishes such as refried beans.

Three Most Prevalent Plant Diseases Caused by Bacteria

When conditions are favorable for their growth, bacteria which are are normally present on plant surfaces can cause problems for plant growth and multiplication. These conditions include high humidity, crowding, and poor air circulation around plants. Misting plants will provide a film of water on the leaves where bacteria can multiply. Foliage plants tends to be susceptible to bacterial diseases during the winter months when light intensity and duration are reduced. During this time, plants are not growing actively and are easily stressed

Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Maintenance

Wrought iron patio furniture is thought to be one of the most sturdy and heaviest garden furniture choices. It will last for years to come if cared for properly. Wrought iron is made when round or square iron bars are heated over a hot flame, and then manipulated into different shapes. Because of its resistance abilities it was the only outdoor choice at one time. No other type of patio furniture was capable to withstand the extreme weather conditions without deteriorating. However, Wrought Iron Patio Furniture was able to last for years. Unfortunately, if it is neglected it will eventually look dreadful with rust

Organic Aquaponics Gives You Power Back Over Your Food Supply and Saves Money in the Process

Aquaponic gardening is really a more rewarding model of hydroponics. In fact it is a mixture between the two, hydroponics and aquaculture. Exactly what you do is actually mature fish in a specially engineered fish tank and use water in the tank to cultivate home grown vegetables, too.

Gnomes: Legends and Liberation!

The garden gnome: subject to numerous legends and stories all over the world. Here we’ll take a look at the characteristics of these little men, some of the legends that surround them and the people that fight for liberation of the gnomes!

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