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Setting Up a Mini Herb Garden

If we speak about gardens, most of us picture out two images. First is a garden with evenly sized rectangular lumps of soil for planting while the other has some tall bushes of corn with some surrounding herbs. But what does it mean if we say a mini herb garden?

Tomato Gardener Questions and Answers – Part 4

What do the letters on tomato transplants and seed packets mean? Why are the leaves on my tomato plants distorted? Why is handling tobacco products when handling tomato seeds or transplants bad? These and more in Questions and Answers Part 4.

Square Foot Gardening – Planting With Raised Bed Gardens

Learning how to garden by the square foot is ideal for people who have a small backyard or are limited to gardening on their patio. It will help you to save space and teach you how to maximize what you have available. Square foot gardening is going to help you create works of art with limited space!

An Indoor Hydroponic Garden For All Seasons – How to Get Started With Your Hydroponic Garden

Would you love to have fresh tomatoes for your winter salad? Indoor hydroponic gardening makes that possible.

Flower Arrangements For the Garden – The Ordinary Made Extraordinary Using Color Harmony

Colors used effectively can make ordinary flower arrangements look extraordinary. It is very enriching spending time to understand how color harmony is created. This makes it almost effortless to create exciting combinations of flowers in the garden.

Tomato Gardener Questions and Answers – Part 1

How do I deal with nematodes in my tomato garden? Why do the leaves curl on my tomato plants? These questions answered and more in Questions and Answers Part 1.

What is Tea Herb Gardening?

“Herb” is a word that every time we hear it we think of a tea. The only civilization who understands herbs more than any races around the world is of course the Chinese people. Due to its medicinal benefit, herbs are known in the medical field.

Tomato Gardener Questions and Answers – Part 2

Why did my tomato plants wilt overnight and die? Are there any tips for controlling soil-borne tomato diseases? Why do my tomato plants rot at the soil line? These and more in Questions and Answers Part 2.

Fresh Herb Gardening Tips

Gardening is often perceived as a hobby of the senior citizens. This perception is degrading, since we all know there’s a little more to it that just planting and watering. There are a lot of benefits in gardening.

What is a Rose Tree?

Few floral creations can measure up to the drama and sheer elegance of a rose tree garden. Also known as rose standards, these cultured little rose trees are the result of delicate grafting and painstaking care to design a miniature tree with a full diadem of roses.

Thyme – A Versatile Herb For Cooking Or Landscaping

Although I have not yet met all the hundred or so types of thyme, I have to say I have yet to meet a thyme I did not like. Thymes are one of the most fragrant and pleasing herbs any gardener can grow. It is hard to pass a growth of thyme and not run your hand over the soft small leaves that smell so inviting.

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