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Build Your Own Greenhouse Cheap – Learn How to Build a Cheap Greenhouse the Right Way

Having a garden is about one of the top hobbies that everyone does in the spring and summer time. But what if you could have a fresh garden year round? Have you ever thought of that? Imagine having a fresh great tasting vegetable that you can cook with or just eat in the winter time… how great would that be?

Suspect Red Spider Mites Are Infesting Your Succulent Plants? How to Identify and Treat These Pests

Succulent plants are not immune to some common gardening pests, contrary to what many people believe. Some of these pests are really easy to spot and treat but there is one pest that is one of the hardest ones to diagnose.

Urban Composting – What is the “Recipe” For Compost?

Although composting is a fairly straight forward process, there are a certain amount of steps that need to be followed to produce a rich and useful product. You could easily toss your leaves and grass clippings into a pile, and they will eventually compost; however, this could take several years before you see results. There are various organisms involved in the composting process, and like humans, they require food, water and air.

Succulents Suffering From Mealy Bugs? How to Identify and Treat These Common Succulent Plant Pests

Think your your succulent plants are immune to common houseplant pests and diseases? Think again!

Importance of Fulvic Acid in the Soil

In order to grow a healthy plant, one needs to provide it with proper nutrition. The acids in the soil make the plant growth continuously and rapidly with health.

Elegant Gardens Must Have a Vinyl Pergolas

Every couple has the desire to maintain their house like a paradise on earth and always feel confident about it. The surroundings you live in is a synopsis of your living habits, style, character, your upbringing and the culture, too. Be it any part of your house, even a store room, it gives the impression of your way of living to the observer.

Care For Your Goji Berry Plants

If you wish to have grow goji berry plants at home, you need to think about ways on how to take care of such a plant, because once you grow them, its your duty to look after them. A goji berry plant does not demand too much of strict conditions, soil nutrients and temperature.

Raised Garden Beds – Do They Really Need to Be Enclosed?

Raised garden beds are all the rage at the moment with manufacturers of corrugated metal surrounds doing a roaring trade. But, do you really need these to establish a successful raised edible garden? The beauty of having the garden raised above the surrounding ground is that it automatically creates good drainage which is what vegetables need to grow well.

Orchid Habitat and How it Relates to Their Care

Do you have an Orchid that seems to be dying in spite of all the research you’ve done to provide it the very best care? Understanding the Orchid’s natural habitat may help.

Build an Inexpensive Greenhouse – Money Tight? Build Your Own Cheap Greenhouse

You had a great gardening season in the spring and the summer. But now you start walking outside and its starting to get coolers… fall is come you think. The nights are starting to get colder. So you start to bed down your great garden with some manure crop so it will be ready for next spring.

Grow Herbs in Pots and Enjoy Some Benefits

Herbs are often considered as valuable ingredients in any dish that being able to pick fresh ones right at home would totally be awesome. However, since the space is limited, you can always use pots to grow herbs.

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